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venal /'vi:nl/
  • tính từ
    • dễ mua chuộc, dễ hối lộ
      • venal politician: một nhà chính trị dễ mua chuộc
      • venal practices: hành động vì tiền; thói mua chuộc bằng tiền
Concise Dictionary
+capable of being corrupted
Thesaurus Dictionary
corrupt, corruptible, bribable or bribeable, buyable, purchasable, mercenary, unprincipled, dishonourable, rapacious, avaricious, greedy, simoniacal, Colloq crooked, Slang bent:
All we had to do was to find a venal official, cross his palm with silver, and they would release our son.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
(formal) prepared to do dishonest or immoral things in return for money: venal politicians / journalists
venality noun [U] (rare): a reputation for venality and corruption

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