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variety /və'raiəti/
  • danh từ
    • trạng thái khác nhau, trạng thái muôn màu muôn vẻ; tính chất bất đồng
      • a life full of variety: cuộc đời muôn vẻ
      • variety in food: thức ăn khác nhau, thức ăn nhiều thứ
      • variety of opinion: ý kiến bất đồng
    • nhiều thứ; mớ
      • due to a variety of causes: do nhiều nguyên nhân
    • (sinh vật học) thứ
    • (như) variety_show
Concise Dictionary
+a collection containing a variety of sorts of things
+noticeable heterogeneity
+(biology) a taxonomic category consisting of members of a species that differ from others of the same species in minor but heritable characteristics
+a show consisting of a series of short unrelated performances
+a category of things distinguished by some common characteristic or quality
+a difference that is usually pleasant

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 diversity, diversification, multifariousness, multiplicity, number, range, assortment, medley, mixture, mix, miscellany, heterogeneity, choice, selection, collection:
Don't you find that the variety of foods in supermarkets today is astonishing? There was certainly a wide variety of people at their party.
2 difference, heterogeneity, discrepancy, diversity, disparity, variation, contrast:
The flora and fauna of Australia display great variety.
3 sort, brand, make, mark, kind, class, category, breed, type, order, genre, species, genus, classification, strain:
Which variety of washing powder do you prefer? Rex cultivated only the rarest varieties of orchid.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural varieties)
1 [sing.] ~ (of sth) several different sorts of the same thing: There is a wide variety of patterns to choose from. + He resigned for a variety of reasons. + This tool can be used in a variety of ways. + I was impressed by the variety of dishes on offer.
2 [U] the quality of not being the same or not doing the same thing all the time: We all need variety in our diet. + We want more variety in our work.
3 [C] ~ (of sth) a type of a thing, for example a plant or language, that is different from the others in the same general group: Apples come in a great many varieties. + a rare variety of orchid + different varieties of English + (spoken) My cooking is of the 'quick and simple' variety.
4 (AmE also vaudeville) [U] a form of theatre or television entertainment that consists of a series of short performances, such as singing, dancing and funny acts: a variety show / theatre
Idioms: variety is the spice of life (saying) new and exciting experiences make life more interesting
Collocation Dictionary

1 not being the same; different kinds of sth


amazing, astonishing, bewildering, considerable, endless, enormous, exciting, extraordinary, fascinating, good, great, huge, impressive, incredible, infinite, large, remarkable, rich, surprising, tremendous, vast, wide, wonderful
The market sold a bewildering variety of cheeses. the rich variety of the local bird life


add, give, offer
Dealing with customers adds variety to the job.


of … ~
a country of great variety
| ~ in
There is wide variety in shape and colour.
| ~ of
Menus offer a good variety of seafood.

2 particular type of sth


distinctive | common-or-garden, standard | rare, unusual | different
There are hundreds of different varieties of apple.
| new, old
Old varieties of rose can be less resistant to diseases.

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