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validity /və'liditi/
  • danh từ
    • (pháp lý) giá trị pháp lý; hiệu lực; tính chất hợp lệ
      • the validity of a contract: giá trị pháp lý của một hợp đồng
    • giá trị
      • of poor validity: ít giá trị
Concise Dictionary
+the quality of being logically valid
+the quality of having legal force or effectiveness

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [U]
1 the state of being legally or officially acceptable: The period of validity of the agreement has expired.
2 the state of being logical and true: We had doubts about the validity of their argument.
Collocation Dictionary


great | equal
Don't you think that both views have equal validity?
| doubtful, dubious, questionable | face
The theory has the face validity of being consistent with recent findings.
| legal, scientific
The legal validity of the claims has been challenged.


have | give sth, lend sth
His reputation lends a certain validity to the approach that it might not deserve.
| cast doubt on, challenge, deny, question | accept, confirm, uphold
The judges upheld the validity of the previous judgement.
| assess, test
to assess the scientific validity of new treatments


of … ~
The results are of doubtful validity.
| ~ for
the theory's validity for parent-child relationships

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