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valid /'vælid/
  • tính từ
    • vững chắc, có căn cứ
      • a valid argument: một lý lẽ vững chắc
    • (pháp lý) có giá trị, có hiệu lực; hợp lệ
      • valid contract: hợp đồng có giá trị (về pháp lý)
      • valid passport: hộ chiếu hợp lệ
      • the ticket is no longer valid: vé không còn giá trị nữa
Concise Dictionary
+well grounded in logic or truth or having legal force
+still legally acceptable

Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 that is legally or officially acceptable: a valid passport + a bus pass valid for 1 month + They have a valid claim to compensation.
2 based on what is logical or true: She had valid reasons for not supporting the proposals. + The point you make is perfectly valid.
3 (computing) that is accepted by the system: a valid password
Antonym: INVALID
validly adverb: The contract had been validly drawn up. + It can be validly argued that they were not to blame.
Collocation Dictionary

1 legally acceptable


be | become | remain, stay | deem sth, hold sth
The original written contract was held valid.


Is your passport still valid?
| no longer | legally
Is the contract legally valid?


Vouchers are only valid for races taking place before 31 December.

2 strong and convincing


be, seem | become | remain | accept sth as, consider sth, deem sth, regard sth as
We accepted several different approaches as valid.


extremely, very | absolutely, completely, perfectly
This is a perfectly valid question to raise.
| not entirely | reasonably | equally
using a different, but equally valid, technique
| universally
a universally valid set of moral principles
| not necessarily | not strictly
That argument is not strictly valid in this case.
| still | no longer
The old assumptions are no longer valid.
| logically, scientifically, statistically
a logically valid deduction

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