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  • mơ hồ, không rõ ràng
Concise Dictionary
+not clearly understood or expressed
+not precisely limited, determined, or distinguished
+lacking clarity or distinctness

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 indefinite, indistinct, imprecise, inexact, unclear, confused, unspecified or non-specified, general, generalized, unspecific or non-specific, inexplicit or unexplicit, ill-defined, hazy, fuzzy, ambiguous, obscure, amorphous; shapeless, blurred, blurry, filmy, dim, shadowy, veiled, bleary, foggy, misty, cloudy, clouded, hardly or barely distinguishable or discernible:
I have only a vague recollection of our having met. She must have had a vague idea of your intentions. Leon could almost make out the vague shape of an approaching figure.
2 undetermined, indeterminate, unfixed, indefinite, inexact, unspecified or non-specified, unspecific or non-specific, ambiguous, doubtful, in doubt, uncertain, equivocal, ambiguous:
For security reasons, her time of arrival was left vague.
3 veiled, concealed, hidden, shrouded, obscure, ill-defined, unspecific or non-specific, inexplicit or unexplicit, ambiguous:
There had been a vague threat of kidnapping, which should not have been ignored.
4 subliminal, subconscious, indefinable, unexplained:
I had a vague sensation of being followed.
5 indefinite, ambiguous, wishy-washy, undecided, indecisive, irresolute, vacillating, wavering, inconstant, unsettled, uncertain, nebulous, up in the air:
Leonore is vague about her plans to run for re-election.
6 vacant, empty, blank, expressionless, empty, vacuous, dull; puzzled:
By their vague expressions I could see they hadn't understood a word.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective (vaguer, vaguest)
1 not clear in a person's mind: to have a vague impression / memory / recollection of sth + They had only a vague idea where the place was.
2 ~ (about sth) not having or giving enough information or details about sth: She's a little vague about her plans for next year. + The politicians made vague promises about tax cuts. + He was accused of being deliberately vague. + We had only a vague description of the attacker. + He outlined the policy in vague terms.
3 (of a person's behaviour) suggesting a lack of clear thought or attention: a vague expression / look + His vague manner concealed a brilliant mind.
4 not having a clear shape
In the darkness they could see the vague outline of a church.
vagueness noun [U]
Collocation Dictionary


be, look, sound
‘Where did you leave it?’ Isobel looked vague.
| become, get
She seems to be getting rather vague as she grows older.
| remain | leave sth
The identity of the city in the novel is deliberately left vague.


extremely, hopelessly, very
Her directions were hopelessly vague.
| a bit, fairly, a little, pretty, quite, rather, somewhat | enough, sufficiently
It was a vague enough concept for the liberals to unite around.
| suitably | deliberately, intentionally
You're being deliberately vague.
| necessarily
Since the officers knew little themselves their reassurances were necessarily vague.
| inherently
an inherently vague and subjective concept
| notoriously
The law is notoriously vague on this point.


I am vague about what happened during the rest of the night.
| as to
I was suitably vague as to exactly how I had acquired the money.
| in
The statement was vague in its wording.

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