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  • thường, thông dụng
Concise Dictionary
+occurring or encountered or experienced or observed frequently or in accordance with regular practice or procedure
+commonly encountered

Thesaurus Dictionary
same, customary, habitual, accustomed, familiar, well-known, common, everyday, established, traditional, set, time-honoured, old, conventional, workaday, stock, wonted, regular, ordinary, normal, expected, routine, typical, run-of-the-mill, stereotypic(al), hackneyed, trite, prosaic, worn out, shop-worn, predictable, unexceptional, unoriginal, unremarkable, unimaginative:
The usual answer I get is 'Why?' I missed my usual train this morning. They still sing the usual drinking songs.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 ~ (for sb/sth) (to do sth) that happens or is done most of the time or in most cases: She made all the usual excuses. + He came home later than usual. + She sat in her usual seat at the back. + It is usual to start a speech by thanking everybody for coming. + He didn't sound like his usual happy self. + They asked me why I wanted the job and why I thought I was suitable-you know, the usual thing. - NORMAL
Compare: UNUSUAL
2 (the usual) noun [sing.] (spoken) what usually happens; what you usually have, especially the drink that you usually have
Idioms: as usual in the same way as what happens most of the time or in most cases: Steve, as usual, was the last to arrive. + As usual at that hour, the place was deserted. + Despite her problems, she carried on working as usual.
Collocation Dictionary


be | become


very | quite
Don't worry?it's quite usual to have a few problems at first.
| fairly | far from
This kind of behaviour is far from usual in children of this age.


It's usual for the man to propose marriage.


as per usual
(informal) Everyone blamed me as per usual.
| as usual
(= in the same way as what happens most of the time or in most cases)Steve, as usual, was the last to arrive.
| business as usual
(= things will continue as normal in spite of a difficult situation)It's business as usual at the factory, even while investigators sift through the bomb wreckage.
| in the usual way
The metal can then be painted in the usual way.

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