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urgency /' :d nsi/
  • danh từ
    • sự gấp rút, sự cần kíp, sự khẩn cấp, sự cấp bách
      • a matter of great urgency: một việc khẩn cấp
    • sự khẩn nài, sự năn nỉ
      • to yield to someone's urgency: nhượng bộ trước sự khẩn nài của ai
Thesaurus Dictionary
imperativeness, pressure, stress, extremity, importance, seriousness, importunity, necessity, need, insistence, exigency, emergency:
She was told to ring back as a matter of some urgency.
Collocation Dictionary


desperate, extreme, great, utmost
a matter of the utmost urgency
| added, new
The murders have given added urgency to the debate about inner-city crime.


There was a note of urgency in her voice.


give sth, lend sth
The bomb attack lent a new urgency to the peace talks.
| increase | stress


with ~
We need to act with urgency to ensure his safety.
| ~ about
Is there any urgency about this?
| ~ in
There was an urgency in her movements.


a lack of urgency
We waited in the car while he checked his tyres with an irritating lack of urgency.
| a matter of urgency
The refugee situation must now be addressed as a matter of urgency.
| a sense of urgency

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