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English - Vietnamese Dictionary
unvarnished /' n'v :ni t - n'v :ni t/
  • n'v :ni t/
  • tính từ
    • không đánh véc ni, không quét sn dầu
    • (nghĩa bóng) không tô son điểm phấn, không che đậy, tự nhiên
      • unvarnished truth: sự thật không tô son điểm phấn
Thesaurus Dictionary
plain, simple, pure, unembellished, straightforward, straight, direct, honest, unelaborated, naked, stark, sincere, frank, candid, outspoken:
My dear, let me tell you the unvarnished truth about Marnie and Jim.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 [only before noun] (written) with nothing added: It was the plain unvarnished truth.
2 (of wood, etc.) not covered with VARNISH

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