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untenable /' n'ten bl/
  • tính từ
    • không giữ được, không vững
      • an untenable position: một vị trí không giữ được
    • không c i được, không biện hộ được, không bo vệ được
      • an untenable theory: một lý thuyết không bo vệ được
Thesaurus Dictionary
insupportable or unsupportable, indefensible, unsustainable, unmaintainable, unjustified, unjustifiable, baseless, groundless, unfounded, flawed, faulty, weak, illogical, specious, implausible, unreasonable, unsound:
It is beyond me why he holds so tenaciously to such untenable views.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
(formal) (of a theory, position, etc.) that cannot be defended against attack or criticism: His position had become untenable and he was forced to resign.
Antonym: TENABLE

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