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unsound /' n'saund/
  • tính từ
    • ôi, thiu, hỏng (thức ăn...); xấu, mọt, mục (gỗ); ốm yếu, hay đau ốm (người); hư hỏng, không tốt (hàng hoá)
    • (nghĩa bóng) không lành mạnh; không đúng, không có căn cứ
      • of unsound mind: đầu óc rối loạn; điên
    • (nghĩa bóng) không chính đáng, không lưng thiện (công việc buôn bán làm ăn...)
    • không say (giấc ngủ)
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 weak, feeble, frail, rickety, shaky, ramshackle, infirm, unstable, wobbly, tottering, unsteady, broken-down, crumbling, disintegrating, dilapidated, defective, imperfect, faulty, decayed, rotten:
The building inspector condemned the structure as unsound and unsafe.
2 unhealthy, diseased, ill, afflicted, in poor health, ailing, sickly, sick, unwell, delicate, injured, wounded:
The attack of flu left him unsound in wind and limb.
3 insane, mad, psychotic, unbalanced, unstable, demented, deranged:
The doctors said that she was still of unsound mind and ought not be released.
4 illogical, faulty, flawed, fallacious, untenable, invalid, groundless, unfounded, erroneous, defective, specious:
We thought that his arguments were unsound, so we rejected his recommendations.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 not acceptable; not holding acceptable views: politically / ideologically unsound + The use of disposable products is considered ecologically unsound.
2 containing mistakes; that you cannot rely on: The methods used were unsound.
3 (of a building, etc.) in poor condition; weak and likely to fall down: The roof is structurally unsound.
Antonym: SOUND
unsoundness noun [U]
Idioms: of unsound mind (law) not responsible for your actions because of a mental illness or condition

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