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unreal /' n'ri l/
  • tính từ
    • không thực, không thực tế, h o huyền
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 imaginary, fantastic, chimeric(al), fanciful, fancied, illusory, make-believe, phantasmagoric(al), phantasmal, spectral, figmental, unrealistic, non-existent:
Fear made the whole scene unreal to Martha.
2 theoretical, hypothetical, mythical, imaginary, made-up, fictitious, make-believe, fanciful:
Although the example is unreal, it will serve its purpose in my argument.
3 artificial, synthetic, synthesized, mock, false, fake(d), counterfeit, fraudulent, dummy, spurious, falsified, pretend(ed), sham, pseudo, make-believe:
The countryside looked a little unreal, too luxuriant and too sculptured.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 so strange that it is more like a dream than reality: The party began to take on an unreal, almost nightmarish quality.
2 not related to reality: Many people have unreal expectations of what marriage will be like.
3 (spoken) used to say that you like sth very much or that sth surprises you: 'That's unreal!' she laughed.
unreality noun [U]: She had a strange sense of unreality. + An air of unreality hung over the whole ceremony.
Collocation Dictionary


be, feel, look, seem | become


very | quite, totally, wholly | almost | a little, rather, slightly | somehow
He seemed somehow unreal, a creature from another world.
| curiously, oddly, strangely
She felt curiously unreal, as if she were in the midst of a dream.

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