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unnoticed /'ʌn'noutist/
  • tính từ
    • không ai thấy, không ai để ý
      • time slipped by unnoticed: thời gian trôi qua không ai thấy
    • bị bỏ qua, bị làm ngơ, bị coi là thường
Thesaurus Dictionary
unnoted, overlooked, unobserved, undiscovered, unremarked, unmarked, unperceived; unseen, unheard:
Fortunately, Martha's nasty aside went unnoticed.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
[not before noun] not seen or noticed: His kindness did not go unnoticed by his staff. + Her death passed almost unnoticed.
Collocation Dictionary


be, go, lie, pass
The ticket lay unnoticed in my desk drawer for a week. His remark passed unnoticed.
| remain


completely, entirely
There's a good chance my absence will go completely unnoticed.
| almost, practically, virtually | largely | hitherto, previously
a hitherto unnoticed detail

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