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unlikely /ʌn'laikli/
  • tính từ
    • không chắc, không chắc có thực
      • it is unlikely that: không chắc rằng
      • an unlikely event: một sự kiện không chắc có xảy ra
    • không nghĩ đến
      • in a most unlikely place: tại một nơi mà không ai nghĩ đến
    • không có hứa hẹn
Concise Dictionary
+not likely to be true or to occur or to have occurred
+has little chance of being the case or coming about
+having a probability too low to inspire belief

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 improbable, doubtful, dubious, remote, unthinkable, unimaginable, inconceivable, implausible:
His story was unlikely, but she decided to believe him. It is not unlikely that he will come even if we ask him to stay away.
2 unseemly, inappropriate, unfit, unfitting, unsuitable, uncongenial, objectionable, unbecoming, unacceptable, unattractive, distasteful:
Claire had seldom seen a more unlikely prospect for a husband.
3 unpropitious, unpromising, inauspicious:
The tiny shop seemed an unlikely place to find a great treasure.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective (unlikelier, unlikeliest)
Help Note: more unlikely and most unlikely are the usual forms
1 ~ (to do sth)
~ (that ...) not likely to happen; not probable: The project seemed unlikely to succeed. + It's most (= very) unlikely that she'll arrive before seven. + In the unlikely event of a problem arising, please contact the hotel manager.
2 [only before noun] not the person, thing or place that you would normally think of or expect: He seems a most unlikely candidate for the job. + They have built hotels in the most unlikely places.
3 [only before noun] difficult to believe: She gave me an unlikely explanation for her behaviour.
Antonym: LIKELY
unlikelihood noun [U]
Collocation Dictionary


appear, be, look, sound
The takeover bid now looks unlikely to succeed.
| become | remain, seem | make sth | consider sth, think sth
He thought it unlikely that she would refuse.


extremely, highly, most, very | increasingly | not at all | a bit, pretty, quite, rather, somewhat | apparently | inherently
A collapse into new forms of fascism is inherently unlikely in any Western democracy.

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