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unknown /'ʌn'noun/
  • tính từ
    • không biết, chưa từng ai biết, lạ
      • unknown country: xứ lạ
    • chưa có tiếng; vô danh
      • an unknown author: một tác giả vô danh
      • the Unknown Warrior (Soldier): chiến sĩ vô danh
  • danh từ
    • điều chưa biết
    • (toán học) ẩn số
      • equation of two unknowns: phương trình hai ẩn số
Concise Dictionary
+an unknown and unexplored region
+anyone who does not belong in the environment in which they are found
+a variable whose values are solutions of an equation
+not known
+being or having an unknown or unnamed source
+not known to exist
+not famous or acclaimed
+not known before

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 unrecognized, unfamiliar, strange, unnamed, anonymous, nameless, unidentified; obscure, unheard-of, little-known, humble, undistinguished, unsung:
Some unknown person left this package for you. Bill is in some unknown place for the weekend. An unknown poet won the competition.
2 unfamiliar, unexplored, uninvestigated, unresearched, unrevealed, mysterious, uncharted, unidentified, dark:
We were now going into unknown territory.
3 unbeknownst, untold, unrevealed:
Unknown to me, the thieves were at that moment breaking in through the kitchen window.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, noun
+ adjective
1 ~ (to sb) not known or identified: a species of insect previously unknown to science + He was trying, for some unknown reason, to count the stars. + The man's identity remains unknown.
2 (of people) not famous or well known: an unknown actor / artist / writer + The author is virtually unknown outside Poland.
3 never happening or existing: The disease is as yet unknown in Europe (= there have been no cases there). + It was not unknown for people to have to wait several hours (= it happened sometimes).
Idioms: an unknown quantity a person or thing whose qualities or abilities are not yet known
unknown to sb without the person mentioned being aware of it: Unknown to me, he had already signed the agreement.
+ noun
1 (the unknown) [sing.] places or things that are not known about: a journey into the unknown + a fear of the unknown
2 [C] a person who is not well known: A young unknown played the leading role.
3 [C] a fact or an influence that is not known: There are so many unknowns in the proposal.
4 [C] (mathematics) a quantity that does not have a known value: X and Y in the equation are both unknowns.
Collocation Dictionary

1 place/thing that you know nothing about


What the weather will be like on the day is, as always, the great unknown.


into the ~
Motherhood was for her a journey into the unknown.


fear of the unknown

2 sb who is not well known


The championship was won by a complete unknown.
| virtual
a cast of virtual unknowns



be | remain
These sites remain largely unknown to the British public.


absolutely, completely, entirely, quite, totally, utterly
His whereabouts were quite unknown during this period.
| almost, practically, virtually
This drug was practically unknown in Britain.
| largely | comparatively, relatively
She was then still comparatively unknown.
| as yet, currently, still | hitherto, previously
a period of democratic development previously unknown in their country
| apparently | otherwise
He cites the works of two otherwise unknown authors, the originals of these works having been lost.


Gold was totally unknown to their civilization.

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