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unique /ju:'ni:k/
  • tính từ
    • chỉ có một, duy nhất, đơn nhất, vô song
      • unique meaning: nghĩa duy nhất
      • unique aim: mục đích duy nhất
      • unique son: con một
    • (thông tục) kỳ cục, lạ đời, dị thường
      • you are unique: anh kỳ thật, anh lạ đời thật
  • danh từ
    • vật duy nhất, vật chỉ có một không hai
Concise Dictionary
+radically distinctive and without equal
+(followed by `to') applying exclusively to a given category or condition or locality
+the single one of its kind
+highly unusual or rare but not the single instance

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 single, lone, (one and) only, solitary, one of a kind, sui generis:
Natural forces conspired to create this unique situation.
2 unequalled, unparalleled, unrivalled, incomparable, inimitable, peerless, unmatched, unsurpassed, unexcelled, second to none:
Stimble's genius is unique in the annals of proctology.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 being the only one of its kind: Everyone's fingerprints are unique.
Help Note: You can use absolutely, totally or almost with unique in this meaning.
2 very special or unusual: a unique talent + The preview offers a unique opportunity to see the show without the crowds. + The deal will put the company in a unique position to export goods to Eastern Europe.
Help Note: You can use more, very, etc. with unique in this meaning.
3 ~ (to sb/sth) belonging to or connected with one particular person, place or thing: an atmosphere that is unique to New York + The koala is unique to Australia.
uniquely adverb: Her past experience made her uniquely suited to lead the campaign. + The UK, uniquely, has not had to face the problem of mass unemployment. + He was a uniquely gifted teacher.
uniqueness noun [U]: The author stresses the uniqueness of the individual.
Collocation Dictionary


be | make sb/sth
Its magnificent proportions make this palace unique among the buildings of the world.


quite, totally, truly
The city has an atmosphere which is quite unique.
| by no means, far from, hardly
Although such a case is rare, it is by no means unique.
| almost, virtually | apparently


This monkey is unique to the island.

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