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unexpected /'ʌniks'pektid/
  • tính từ
    • không mong đợi, không ngờ, thình lình
      • an unexpected piece of luck: một sự may mắn không ngờ
  • danh từ
    • điều không ngờ
      • it is the unexpected that happens: chính điều không ngờ lại xảy ra
Concise Dictionary
+not expected or anticipated
+made necessary by an unexpected situation or emergency
+not planned
+happening or coming quickly and without warning

Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
if sth is unexpected, it surprises you because you were not expecting it: an unexpected development / result / visitor + The announcement was not entirely unexpected.
the unexpected noun [sing.]: Police officers must be prepared for the unexpected.
unexpectedly adverb: They had arrived unexpectedly. + an unexpectedly large bill + The plane was unexpectedly delayed. + She died unexpectedly of a heart attack. + Not unexpectedly, most local business depends on tourism.
unexpectedness noun [U]
Compare: EXPECT
Collocation Dictionary




most, very
Help came from a most unexpected quarter.
| completely, quite, totally, wholly | not entirely
His death was not entirely unexpected.
| rather, somewhat
It happened in rather unexpected circumstances.

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