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undo /'ʌn'du:/
  • ngoại động từ undid; undone
    • tháo, cởi, mở
      • to undo a knitting: tháo một cái áo đan
      • to undo a parcel: mở một gói
      • to undo one's dress: mở khuy áo
    • xoá, huỷ
      • to undo a contract: huỷ một hợp đồng
    • phá hoại, làm cho đồi truỵ, làm hư hỏng, làm hại đến thanh danh
      • drink has undone him: rượu chè đã làm nó hư hỏng
Concise Dictionary
+cancel, annul, or reverse an action or its effect
+deprive of certain characteristics
+cause the ruin or downfall of
+cause to become loose
+remove the outer cover or wrapping of

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 loosen, loose, open, unfasten, unhook, unlace, unzip, unsnap, unbutton, untie, unpin; unlock, unbolt:
Help me undo my blouse. Don't undo the gate - you'll let the dogs out.
2 unwrap, uncover, open, untie, unbind:
Why have you allowed the children to undo their Christmas presents a week early?
3 cancel, annul, rescind, nullify, void, declare null and void, reverse, invalidate:
If one could undo things there would be no such thing as regret.
Advanced English Dictionary
1 to open sth that is fastened, tied or wrapped: to undo a button / knot / zip + to undo a jacket / shirt / bag + I undid the package and took out the books.
Antonym: DO UP
2 to cancel the effect of sth: He undid most of the good work of the previous manager. + It's not too late to try and undo some of the damage. + UNDO (= an editing command on a computer that cancels the previous action)
3 [usually passive] (formal) to make sb/sth fail: The team was undone by the speed and strength of their opponents.

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