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understanding /,ʌndə'stændiɳ/
  • danh từ
    • sự hiểu biết, sự am hiểu
      • to have a good understanding of economics: am hiểu về kinh tế
    • óc thông minh, óc suy xét, trí tuệ
      • he has an excellent understanding: anh ấy rất thông minh
    • quan niệm
      • in my understanding of the matter: theo quan niệm của tôi về việc này
    • sự thoả thuận; sự thông cảm, sự hiểu nhau
      • to come to an understanding with: đi đến thoả thuận với
    • điều kiện
      • on this understanding: với điều kiện này
      • on the understanding that: với điều kiện là
    • (số nhiều) (từ lóng) chân, cẳng; giày, dép
    • tính từ
      • hiểu biết
        • an understanding man: một người hiểu biết
      • thông minh, sáng ý, mau hiểu
    Concise Dictionary
    +the cognitive condition of someone who understands
    +the statement (oral or written) of an exchange of promises
    +an inclination to support or be loyal to or to agree with an opinion
    +the capacity for rational thought or inference or discrimination
    +characterized by understanding based on comprehension and discernment and empathy
    +know and comprehend the nature or meaning of
    +perceive (an idea or situation) mentally
    +make sense of a language
    +believe to be the case
    +be understanding of

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 agreement, contract, arrangement, bargain, covenant, concession, pact, compact, accord, treaty, concordat, entente, alliance, truce, armistice, reconciliation, settlement:
    They reached an understanding with respect to nuclear weapons.
    2 discernment, sensitivity, sensitiveness, sympathy, empathy, perception, insight, good sense, intuition, enlightenment, percipience, sagacity, sageness, sapience, wisdom, Colloq savvy:
    Georgianna brings so much understanding to her treatment of the aged.
    3 Usually, understanding of. comprehension or, awareness or grasp or control or idea or conception or knowledge or mastery (of), acquaintance or familiarity or intimacy or dexterity or skilfulness or deftness or adroitness or adeptness (with), competence or skill or expertness or know-how or proficiency or expertise (in), Colloq US fix (on), handle (on):
    I know no one with a better understanding of medieval Welsh.
    4 reading, interpretation, opinion, judgement, estimation, notion, view, perception, apperception, apprehension:
    My understanding of what took place is at odds with yours.
    5 intellect, intelligence, mind, brain, brainpower, sense, reason, reasoning power, wisdom, Colloq brains:
    I'm afraid that he lacks the understanding needed to cope with the subtleties of the situation.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, adjective
    + noun
    1 [U, sing.] ~ (of sth) the knowledge that sb has about a particular subject or situation: The committee has little or no understanding of the problem. + The existence of God is beyond human understanding (= humans cannot know whether God exists or not). + Most of the students have a sound understanding of English grammar.
    2 [C, usually sing.] an informal agreement: We finally came to an understanding about what hours we would work. + We have this understanding that nobody talks about work over lunch.
    3 [U, sing.] the ability to understand why people behave in a particular way and the willingness to forgive them when they do sth wrong: We must tackle the problem with sympathy and understanding. + We are looking for a better understanding between the two nations. + Try to show a little more understanding.
    4 [U, C] ~ (of sth) the particular way in which sb understands sth
    My understanding of the situation is ... + The statement is open to various understandings.
    Idioms: on the understanding that ... (formal) used to introduce a condition that must be agreed before sth else can happen: They agreed to the changes on the understanding that they would be introduced gradually.
    + adjective
    showing sympathy for other people's problems and being willing to forgive them when they do sth wrong
    Synonym: SYMPATHETIC
    She has very understanding parents.
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 knowledge of a subject, of how sth works, etc.


    complete, full
    He showed a full understanding of the sequence of events.
    | growing | clear, deep, good, profound, proper, sophisticated, thorough, true
    You need to read more widely to gain a proper understanding of the issue.
    | adequate, basic, broad, general, sufficient | limited
    She has only a limited understanding of what the job involves.
    | conceptual, critical, rational, theoretical | historical, musical, scientific, etc. | instinctive | common
    Some religions have a common understanding of the nature of a divine being.


    The students seem to have a reasonable level of understanding of how genes work.


    have | show | reflect
    This change of policy reflects a growing understanding of the extent of the problem.
    | lack | acquire, arrive at, gain | give sb | advance, broaden, deepen, develop, enhance, enrich, improve, increase
    a book that will deepen your understanding of global warming


    ~ about
    The book aims to give children a balanced understanding of food, farming and the environment.
    | ~ of


    a lack of understanding

    2 intelligence




    a level of cruelty that passes human understanding


    beyond (your) ~
    The idea of eternity is beyond our full understanding.

    3 ability to feel sympathy and trust


    deeper, great | mutual | international


    He didn't show much understanding towards her when she lost her job.
    | bring (about), develop, lead to
    Greater contact between the two groups should lead to a better mutual understanding.
    | gain in, grow in
    After spending a month living together, they have gained in understanding of each other.
    | foster, promote, work for


    ~ between
    The association fosters a deeper understanding between prisons and the public.

    4 informal agreement


    written | verbal | tacit, unspoken
    There is an unspoken understanding that Hugh will be in charge while Jane is away.


    have | come to, reach
    They came to an understanding on when final payment was to be made.


    ~ between
    an understanding between the companies to fight against the proposed tax reform
    | ~ on
    a tacit understanding on the need for a pay rise
    | on the ~
    I thought you gave me the book on the understanding that I could keep it.

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