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under /'ʌndə/
  • giới từ
    • dưới, ở dưới
      • to be under water: ở dưới nước
      • to be under cover: có che kín, có bọc kín; có mui, có mái che
      • to be under key: bị giam giữ, bị nhốt
    • dưới, chưa đầy, chưa đến
      • under eighteen years of age: dưới mười tám tuổi
      • to be under age: chưa đến tuổi trưởng thành
      • to run a hundred metres under eleven seconds: chạy một trăm mét dưới mười một giây
    • dưới (sự lãnh đạo, quyền...)
      • under the leadership of: dưới sự lãnh đạo của
      • under the domination of: dưới sự thống trị của
    • đang, trong
      • the car is under repair: xe đang chữa
      • to be under construction: đang được xây dựng
      • the point under discussion: vấn đề đang được bàn cãi
      • to be under way: đang đi, đang trên đường đi; đang tiến hành
      • under these circumstances: trong hoàn cảnh này
      • under these conditions: trong những điều kiện này
  • phó từ
    • dưới
      • the ship went under: con tàu chìm nghỉm dưới nước
      • to keep the people under: bắt nhân dân phục tùng
  • tính từ
    • dưới
      • under jaw: hàm dưới
Concise Dictionary
+located below or beneath something else
+lower in rank, power, or authority
+down to defeat, death, or ruin
+through a range downward
+into unconsciousness
+in or into a state of subordination or subjugation
+below some quantity or limit
+below the horizon
+down below
+further down

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 beneath, below, underneath, covered by:
What is under that blanket? The wreck lies a mile under the surface.
2 subordinate to, answerable to, inferior to, second to, secondary to, subservient to, below, beneath, underneath, junior to, directed or supervised or controlled by, under (the) control of, at the mercy of, at the beck and call of:
The bashibazouks were under the sultan's top officers.
3 included or comprised in or under, subsumed under:
This should be under the heading, 'What is the Stupidest Thing you have done Today?' Under which category is 'Software'?
4 under the aegis or protection or eye or guardianship or care of:
The prince was trained under the grand vizier.
5 less than, lower than:
I paid under $200 for my VCR.
6 under the influence. drunk, tipsy, high, impaired:
The police charged him with driving while under the influence.
7 below, underneath, beneath:
You looked on top of the bed, but have you looked under?
8 underwater, beneath the waves, down, out of sight:
We watched helpless as he went under for the third time.
Advanced English Dictionary
preposition, adverb, adjective
+ preposition
1 in, to or through a position that is below sth: Have you looked under the bed? + She placed the ladder under (= just lower than) the window. + The dog squeezed under the gate and ran into the road.
2 below the surface of sth; covered by sth: The boat lay under several feet of water.
3 less than; younger than: an annual income of under £10 000 + It took us under an hour. + Nobody under 18 is allowed to buy alcohol.
4 used to say who or what controls, governs or manages sb/sth: The country is now under martial law. + The coinage was reformed under Elizabeth I (= when she was queen). + She has a staff of 19 working under her. + Under its new conductor, the orchestra has established an international reputation.
5 according to an agreement, a law or a system: Six suspects are being held under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. + Under the terms of the lease you had no right to sublet the property. + Is the television still under guarantee?
6 experiencing a particular process: The hotel is still under construction. + The matter is under investigation.
7 affected by sth: The wall collapsed under the strain. + I've been feeling under stress lately. + I'm under no illusions about what hard work this will be. + You'll be under anaesthetic, so you won't feel a thing.
8 using a particular name: She also writes under the pseudonym of Barbara Vine.
9 found in a particular part of a book, list, etc: If it's not under 'sports', try looking under 'games'.
+ adverb
1 below sth: He pulled up the covers and crawled under.
2 below the surface of water: She took a deep breath and stayed under for more than a minute. + The boat was going under fast.
3 less; younger: prices of ten dollars and under + children aged 12 and under
4 in or into an unconscious state: He felt himself going under.
+ adjective [only before noun] lower; underneath: the under layer + the under surface of a leaf

under / below / underneath / beneath
You use under to say that one thing is directly under another thing: The cat is asleep under the table. + I think your letter is under that book. Underneath can also be used when you want to emphasize that something is being covered or hidden by another thing:
Have you looked underneath the sofa as well as behind it? You can also use beneath in this sense, but it is a very formal or literary word.

Below is usually preferred to say that one thing is in a lower position than another when they are both in the same building, on the same hill, on the same part of the body, etc: They live in the apartment below us. + Can you see those trees below the summit? + It hurts here - just below the knee.
Below is used for measurements or position on a scale: The temperature was below zero last night. Under is used to mean 'less than':
All our goods are under £320. You use under (not below) to talk about movement from one side of something to the other side:
We swam under the bridge.
+ adjective
- AGE: under-age drinking

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