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twice /twais/
  • phó từ
    • hai lần
      • twice two is four: hai lần hai là bốn
      • I have read this book twice: tôi đã đọc quyển sách này hai lần
    • gấp hai
      • I want twice as much (many): tôi cần gấp hai thế này
    • to think twice about doing something
      • suy nghĩ chín chắn khi làm gì
    • not to think twice about
      • không nghĩ nhiều về, không để tâm lắm đến, quên ngay
Concise Dictionary
+two times
+to double the degree

Advanced English Dictionary
+ adverb
1 two times; on two occasions: I don't know him well; I've only met him twice. + They go there twice a week / month / year. + a twice-monthly / yearly newsletter
2 double in quantity, rate, etc: an area twice the size of Wales + Cats sleep twice as much as people. + At 56 he's twice her age. + Charges have risen at twice the rate of inflation.
Idioms: twice over not just once but twice: There was enough of the drug in her stomach to kill her twice over.
more at LIGHTNING n., ONCE adv., THINK v.

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