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trial /'traiəl/
  • danh từ
    • sự thử
      • to give something a trial: đưa một vật ra thử
      • to make the trial: làm thử, làm thí nghiệm
      • to proceed by trial and error: tiến hành bằng cách mò mẫm
      • trial of strenght: sự thử sức mạnh
      • on trial: để thử; làm thử; khi thử
      • trial flight: cuộc bay thử
      • trial trip: cuộc chạy thử (của chiếu tàu mới)
    • (pháp lý) việc xét xử, sự xử án
      • to commit a prisoner for trial: đem một tội nhân ra xét xử
      • to bring to trial: đưa ra toà, đưa ra xử
    • điều thử thách; nỗi gian nan
      • a life full of trials: một cuộc đời lắm nỗi gian nan
      • the radio next door is a real trial: cái đài bên cạnh thật là một tai hoạ
      • trials of love: những thử thách của tình yêu
    • (tài chính)
      • trial balance: kết toán kiểm tra
    • (hàng không)
      • trial balloon: bóng thăm dò
Concise Dictionary
+(law) legal proceedings consisting of the judicial examination of issues by a competent tribunal
+the act of testing something
+(sports) a preliminary competition to determine qualifications
+(law) the determination of a person's innocence or guilt by due process of law
+trying something to find out about it
+an annoying or frustrating or catastrophic event
+the act of undergoing testing

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 test, testing, experiment, proof, try-out, trying out, trial run, examination, check, checking, Colloq dry run:
The trials of the new life-jackets are to be conducted soon.
2 hearing, enquiry or inquiry, examination, inquisition, litigation, judicial proceeding, lawsuit, contest:
Throughout the trial, the accused protested his innocence.
3 try, attempt, endeavour, effort, venture, essay, Colloq go, shot, stab, fling, whirl, crack, whack:
This was their first trial at climbing the north face.
4 trouble, affliction, tribulation, hardship, adversity, suffering, grief, woe, misery, distress, bad or hard luck, misfortune, hard times:
Mona acknowledged the trial of having ten children and no husband.
5 nuisance, irritation, bother, bane, annoyance, pest, irritant, thorn in the flesh or side, US bur or burr under the saddle, Colloq plague, hassle, pain (in the neck), headache, Taboo Slang pain in the Brit arse or US ass:
William, who is full of mischief, is a constant trial to his mother.
6 sample, experimental, exploratory, provisional, probationary, tentative, conditional, pilot:
Will you consider a trial subscription to Verbatim, The Language Quarterly?

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