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trend /trend/
  • danh từ
    • phương hướng
      • the trend of the coastline: phương hướng của bờ bể
    • khuynh hướng, xu hướng, chiều hướng
      • the trend of modern thoughts: xu hướng của những tư tưởng hiện đại
      • to show a trend towards...: có khuynh hướng về...
  • nội động từ
    • đi về phía, hướng về, xoay về
      • the road trends to the north: con đường đi về phía bắc
    • có khuynh hướng về, có xu hướng về, hướng về
      • modern thought is trending towards socialism: tư tưởng hiện đại đang hướng về chủ nghĩa xã hội
Concise Dictionary
+a general direction in which something tends to move
+general line of orientation
+a general tendency to change (as of opinion)
+the popular taste at a given time
+turn sharply; change direction abruptly
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 tendency, leaning, bias, bent, drift, course, inclination, direction:
The trend seems to be towards shorter skirts.
2 fashion, style, vogue, mode, look, rage, Colloq fad, craze, thing:
Why is she so compulsive about keeping up with the latest trends?
3 tend, lean, be biased, bend, drift, incline, veer, turn, swing, shift, head:
At the convention, the party leaders trended more to the left of centre.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
~ (towards sth) a general direction in which a situation is changing or developing: economic / social / political trends + There is a growing trend towards earlier retirement. + current trends in language teaching + a downward / upward trend in sales + You seem to have set (= started) a new trend. + This trend is being reversed (= is going in the opposite direction). + The underlying trend of inflation is still upwards.
Collocation Dictionary


strong | consistent, constant, steady | accelerating, growing, increasing | underlying
Despite this month's disappointing figures, the underlying trend is healthy.
| dominant, main, major, prevailing | gradual | clear, marked | general | apparent, discernible | global, national, international, universal, worldwide | wider
The increase in crime in London was just part of a wider trend.
| positive, upward | downward, negative | contrary, opposite | healthy, welcome | adverse, dangerous, disturbing, unfortunate, worrying | fashion | demographic, population | cultural, social | evolutionary, historical | economic, market | growth, inflationary
The latest figures show a clear growth trend in the service sector.


begin, create, set, start
In the 1960s, Britain set the fashion trends.
| continue | follow
We are following the American trend towards more flexible working conditions.
| reinforce | buck, counteract, go against
efforts to buck the current downward trend in sales
| reverse | halt | detect, notice | indicate, reflect, show, suggest
The data indicates a trend towards earlier retirement.


develop, emerge | continue | indicate sth, reflect sth, suggest sth
Current trends suggest that car traffic will continue to grow.
| grow


~ away from
a trend away from narrow specialization
| ~ for
A trend for romance and nostalgia has emerged.
| ~ in
future trends in the volume of employment
| ~ towards
the trend towards privatization

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