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treasury /'treʤəri/
  • danh từ
    • kho bạc, ngân khố; ngân quỹ, quỹ
    • (Treasury) bộ tài chính (Anh)
    • (nghĩa bóng) kho
      • the book is a treasury of information: cuốn sách ấy là cả một kho tài liệu
    • First Lord of the Treasury
      • thủ tướng (Anh)
    • Treasury Board; Lords [Commissioners] of the Treasury
      • uỷ ban tài chính chính phủ Anh (gồm thủ tướng, bộ trưởng tài chính và năm uỷ viên khác)
    • Treasury Bench
      • hàng ghế chính phủ (trong hạ nghị viện Anh)
Concise Dictionary
+the funds of a government or institution or individual
+the government department responsible for collecting and managing and spending public revenues
+the British cabinet minister responsible for economic strategy
+the federal department that collects revenue and administers federal finances; the Treasury Department was created in 1789
+a depository (a room or building) where wealth and precious objects can be kept safely

Thesaurus Dictionary
exchequer, bank, cache, resources, funds, money(s):
There was not enough money in the treasury to pay for the scheme. The Treasury indicated their concern at the current state of the economy.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural treasuries)
1 (the Treasury) [sing.+sing./pl. v.] (in Britain, the US and some other countries) the government department that controls public money
2 [C] a place in a castle, etc. where valuable things are stored

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