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transmit /trænz'mit/
  • ngoại động từ
    • chuyển giao, truyền
      • to transmit a letter: chuyển một bức thư
      • to transmit order: truyền lệnh
      • to transmit disease: truyền bệnh
      • to transmit news: truyền tin
      • to transmit electricity: truyền điện
      • to transmit one's virtues to one's posterity: truyền những đức tính của mình cho con cái về sau
Concise Dictionary
transmitted|transmitting|transmitstrænz'mɪt ,-s-
+transfer to another
+transmit or serve as the medium for transmission
+broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television
+send from one person or place to another

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 send, transfer, convey, communicate, pass on, deliver, forward, dispatch or despatch; post, ship, cable, radio, telegraph, fax, telex, telephone, phone, Chiefly US and Canadian mail, Colloq wire:
Your message was transmitted last night.
2 pass or go through, pass on, send, put, direct, conduct, channel:
The mirror transmits the light through this filter.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb (-tt-)
1 ~ (sth) (from ...) (to ...) to send an electronic signal, radio or television broadcast, etc: [VN, usually +adv./prep.] signals transmitted from a satellite + The ceremony was transmitted live by satellite to over fifty countries. + [V] a short-wave radio that can transmit as well as receive
2 [VN] to pass sth from one person to another: sexually transmitted diseases + Parents can unwittingly transmit their own fears to their children.
3 [VN] (technical) to allow heat, light, sound, etc. to pass through
Collocation Dictionary

1 pass sth from one person to another


actively | easily, readily | genetically, sexually
the study of genetically transmitted diseases


from, through
The disease cannot be transmitted through coughing or sneezing.
| to
The infection can be transmitted from a mother to her baby.
| via
The virus is easily transmitted via needles.

2 send out TV programmes/electronic signals, etc.


automatically | electronically


from, to
automatically transmitting data from one part of the system to another

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