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transform /træns'fɔ:m/
  • ngoại động từ
    • thay đổi, biến đổi
    • làm biến chất, làm biến tính
Concise Dictionary
transforms|transformed|transformingtræns'fɔrm /-'fɔːm
+subject to a mathematical transformation
+change or alter in form, appearance, or nature
+change in outward structure or looks
+change from one form or medium into another
+convert (one form of energy) to another
+change (a bacterial cell) into a genetically distinct cell by the introduction of DNA from another cell of the same or closely related species
+increase or decrease (an alternating current or voltage)

Thesaurus Dictionary
change, modify, transfigure, alter, transmute, metamorphose, turn into, convert, transmogrify, mutate, permute:
What will it take to transform these students into civilized human beings?
Collocation Dictionary


considerably, fundamentally, profoundly, radically
The riots radically transformed the situation.
| completely, entirely, totally, utterly | quickly, rapidly | gradually, slowly | suddenly | apparently | miraculously
He seems to have been miraculously transformed into a first-class player.
| overnight
Things cannot be transformed overnight.


help (to) | manage to


from, into
The place was transformed from a quiet farming village into a busy port.


the power to transform sb/sth
the power of religion to transform our hearts and minds

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