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trade /treid/
  • danh từ
    • nghề, nghề nghiệp
      • everyone to his trade: người nào nghề nấy
      • to be in the trade: trong nghề
      • to carry on one's trade; to do one's trade: làm nghề mình
      • men of all trades and callings: những người làm đủ nghề
      • to know all the tricks of the trade: biết tất cả các mánh lới nhà nghề
    • thương nghiệp, thương mại, sự buôn bán, mậu dịch
      • to engage trade with: trao đổi buôn bán với
      • the trade is thriving: nền thương nghiệp đang phát triển
      • foreign trade: ngoại thương
      • domestic (home) trade: nội thương
      • wholesale trade: bán buôn
      • retail trade: bán lẻ
    • ngành buôn bán; những người trong ngành buôn bán
      • the trade: (thông tục) những người sản xuất bà buôn bán rượu
    • (hàng hải), (từ lóng) (the trade) ngành tàu ngầm (trong hải quân)
    • (số nhiều) (như) trade-wind
    • to be in trade
      • có cửa hiệu (buôn bán)
  • động từ
    • buôn bán, trao đổi mậu dịch
      • to trade with somebody for something: mua bán với ai cái gì
      • to trade something for something: đổi cái gì lấy cái gì
      • to trade in silk: buôn bán tơ lụa
      • to trade with China: buôn bán với Trung quốc
    • to trade in
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) đổi (cái cũ lấy cái mới) có các thêm
    • to trade in a used car: đổi một chiếc xe cũ có các thêm tiền
    • to trade on (upon)
      • lợi dụng
    • to trade on somebody's credulity: lợi dụng tính cả tin của ai
Concise Dictionary
+the commercial exchange (buying and selling on domestic or international markets) of goods and services
+people who perform a particular kind of skilled work
+an equal exchange
+the skilled practice of a practical occupation
+a particular instance of buying or selling
+the business given to a commercial establishment by its customers
+steady winds blowing from east to west above and below the equator
+engage in the trade of
+turn in as payment or part payment for a purchase
+be traded at a certain price or under certain conditions
+exchange or give (something) in exchange for
+do business; offer for sale as for one's livelihood

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 commerce, business, traffic, exchange, barter, dealing(s), buying and selling, merchandising, marketing, mercantilism, truck:
Have we any trade in shoes with South Korea? We are establishing trade with Eastern Europe?
2 calling, occupation, pursuit, work, business, employment, line (of work), métier, job, vocation, craft, career, profession:
Just what trade are you engaged in?
3 swap or swop, exchange, interchange, barter:
Was exchanging your microwave cooker for a hi-fi set a good trade?
4 customers, clientele, custom, patrons, following, patronage, shoppers:
Her shop caters chiefly to the holiday trade.
5 transact or do business, buy, sell, deal, traffic, merchandise, have dealings:
There are laws against Sunday trading in some areas.
6 exchange, swap or swop, interchange, switch, barter; return:
Having traded his car for the boat, Sam has no way of reaching the marina.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
1 [U] the activity of buying and selling or of exchanging goods or services between people or countries: international / foreign trade + Trade between the two countries has increased. + the international trade in oil + the arms trade
2 [C] a particular type of business: the building / food / tourist trade + He works in the retail trade (= selling goods in shops / stores).
See also - RAG TRADE
3 (the trade) [sing.+sing./pl. v.] a particular area of business and the people or companies that are connected with it: They offer discounts to the trade (= to people who are working in the same business). + a trade magazine / journal + Their company is respected and well known in the trade.
4 [U, C] the amount of goods or services that you sell: Trade was very good last month.
5 [U, C] a job, especially one that involves working with your hands and that requires special training and skills: He was a carpenter by trade. + When she leaves school, she wants to learn a trade. + She was surrounded by the tools of her trade (= everything she needs to do her job).
Idioms see JACK n., PLY v., ROARING, TRICK n.
+ verb
1 ~ (in sth) (with sb) to buy and sell things: [V] The firm openly traded in arms. + Early explorers traded directly with the Indians. + trading partners (= countries that you trade with) + [VN] Our products are now traded worldwide.
2 [V] ~ (as sb/sth) to exist and operate as a business or company: The firm has now ceased trading. + They traded as 'Walker and Son'.
3 to be bought and sold, or to buy and sell sth, on a STOCK EXCHANGE: [V] Shares were trading at under half their usual value. [also VN]
4 to exchange sth that you have for sth that sb else has: [VN] to trade secrets / insults / jokes + She traded her posters for his CD. + I wouldn't mind trading places with her for a day. [also VNN]
Phrasal Verbs: trade at sth (AmE) to buy goods or shop at a particular store
trade down to spend less money on things than you used to: Shoppers are trading down and looking for bargains.
trade sth<->in (to sth) to give sth used as part of the payment for sth new: He traded in his old car for a new Mercedes.
related noun TRADE-IN
trade sth<->off (against / for sth) to balance two things or situations that are opposed to each other: They were attempting to trade off inflation against unemployment.
related noun TRADE-OFF
trade on sth (disapproving) to use sth to your own advantage, especially in an unfair way: They trade on people's insecurity to sell them insurance.
trade up (for sth)
1 to sell sth in order to buy sth more expensive: We're going to trade up to a larger house.
2 to give sth you have used as part of the payment for sth more expensive
Collocation Dictionary

1 buying/selling of goods/services


brisk, flourishing, lively, roaring, thriving
All around the pyramids, salespeople were doing a roaring trade in souvenirs.
| lucrative, profitable | external, foreign, global, international, overseas, world | domestic, internal, inter-provincial, inter-regional, regional | export, import, import-export | direct, indirect | free | fair
The organization promotes fair trade with developing countries.
| legal, legitimate | illegal, illicit
attempts to curb the illicit trade in exotic species
| private | bilateral, mutual | unilateral | coastal, maritime | agricultural, commercial | retail, wholesale
It has been a bad year for the retail trade.
| book, fur, slave, timber, tourist, wine, wool | evil
the evil trade in drugs


carry on, conduct, do, engage in, ply
the tools needed to carry on a trade All manner of hawkers and street sellers were plying their trade.
| boost, build up, develop, expand, increase, promote
a bid to boost foreign trade He built up a trade in seeds, corn and manure.
| damage, harm
A bitterly cold winter damaged industrial output and trade.
| lose
Shops have lost a day's trade.
| ban, restrict


boom, expand, grow, increase, pick up | decline, fall


balance, figures, performance, statistics | surplus | deficit, gap, imbalance | barrier, blockade, boycott, embargo, restrictions, sanctions | tariff | dispute, war
The countries were locked in a trade war, refusing to allow imports of each other's goods.
| liberalization | benefits, concessions | accord, agreement, deal, pact, protocol, treaty | negotiations, talks | cooperation, links, network, relations | policy, practice
The US was accused of employing unfair trade practices.
| law, rules | bloc
The five countries formed a regional trade bloc.
| delegation, mission
Several local firms took part in a trade mission to Spain.
| official, representative
talks between trade officials from the two countries
| mark
name | exhibition, fair, show | centre | route
The road has been an important trade route since prehistoric times.
| cycle
the boom and slump periods of a trade cycle
| association, body, group, organization
the trade body representing water companies (see also
trade union
| buyer, customer
The vase was bought by a trade buyer (= for example, somebody who works in the antiques trade).
| directory | journal, magazine, paper, press | information, secret
The employees were fired for divulging trade secrets to a competitor.


in a/the ~
She's in the wholesale fruit trade. These special flour sacks are known in the trade as ‘pockets’.
| ~ between
Trade between the Adriatic ports and their hinterland had grown.
| ~ in
Steps were taken to ban the trade in ivory.
| ~ with
The US has restricted trade with India. > Special page at BUSINESS

2 job


learn | exercise, follow, practise


by ~
She is a carpenter by trade.


a jack of all trades
(= a person who can do many different types of work),
the tricks of the trade
The experienced artisan would pass on the tricks of the trade to the apprentice.



profitably, successfully | actively | openly
The firm openly traded in arms.
| publicly
publicly traded securities
| freely
He claimed that all shops should be able to trade freely on Sundays.
| directly | illegally


continue to | cease to


They now trade as a partnership.
| in
countries trading illegally in rhinoceros horn
| with
Early explorers traded directly with the Indians.


cease/continue trading
The company has now ceased trading.
| trade under the name (of) sth
The company trades under the name ‘English Estates’.

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