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trade union

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(also trades union) (both BrE) (AmE labor union) (also union BrE, AmE)
+ noun
an organization of workers, usually in a particular industry, that exists to protect their interests, improve conditions of work, etc.
trade-unionism noun [U]: the history of trade unionism
Collocation Dictionary


free, independent, official, public sector, recognized, registered | militant, strong | local, national | electricians', teachers', etc.


form, set up | dissolve | join | belong to | ban


be affiliated to sth | represent sb/sth
The union represents 40% of all hospital workers.
| negotiate (sth)
The nurses' union negotiated a 3% pay rise.
| accept sth, agree (to sth) | refuse sth, reject sth, threaten sth
The union threatened strike action if its demands were not met.
| claim sth, express sth
Several unions expressed support for the strike.
| support sb/sth


confederation, federation, movement, organization | affiliation | action, activism, activity, militancy, power | rights | activist, leader, member/membership, official, representative | law

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create, establish, form, found, set up, start ~
an association created to promote local industry The company was founded in 1981.

dissolve ~
(often law)She sought a court order to have the partnership dissolved.

run ~
He runs an accountancy firm.

manage ~
The executive committee manages the group on a day-to-day basis.

be/become a member of, join ~
She became a member of the Society of Arts.

leave ~
The country plans to leave the organization.

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