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toy /tɔi/
  • danh từ
    • đồ chơi (của trẻ con)
    • đồ chơi, đồ vô giá trị; trò chơi, trò đùa
      • to make a toy of gardening: coi chuyện làm vườn như một trò chơi vui
    • (định ngữ) để chơi, như đồ chơi, nhỏ xinh
      • toy dog: giống chó nhỏ
  • nội động từ
    • đùa, nghịch, chơi với (đen & bóng)
      • to toy with a paper-knife: nghịch với con dao rọc giấy
      • to toy with one's work: đùa với công việc, làm việc chểnh mảng thiếu thận trọng
      • to toy with one's dinner: ăn chơi ăn bời một chút
    • đùa bỡn, giỡn, giễu cợt
      • to toy with someone: đùa giỡn với ai
Concise Dictionary
+an artifact designed to be played with
+a nonfunctional replica of something else (frequently used as a modifier)
+copy that reproduces something in greatly reduced size
+any of several breeds of very small dogs kept purely as pets
+behave carelessly or indifferently
+manipulate manually or in one's mind or imagination
+engage in an activity as if it were a game rather than take it seriously

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 plaything:
Whenever he visited, Uncle Jed brought toys for the children.
2 trifle, trinket, bauble, gewgaw, gimcrack, knick-knack, bagatelle, kickshaw, bit of frippery:
After marrying her, he treated her as a rich man's toy.
3 Usually, toy with. trifle (with), dally (with), play (with), sport (with), fool (with), fiddle (with), tinker (with):
He kept toying with his watch chain.
4 Usually, toy with. flirt (with), dally (with), dilly-dally (with), play (with), deal with carelessly, amuse oneself with:
The cad was only toying with her affections.
5 miniature, tiny, diminutive, small, dwarf:
She breeds toy poodles.
6 imitation, fake, phoney or US also phony, simulated, artificial:
This is only a toy watch and doesn't work.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, adjective, verb
+ noun
1 an object for children to play with: cuddly / soft toys + The children were playing happily with their toys.
2 an object that you have for enjoyment or pleasure rather than for a serious purpose: executive toys + His latest toy is the electric drill he bought last week.
+ adjective [only before noun]
1 made as a copy of a particular thing and used for playing with: a toy car / telephone + toy soldiers
2 (of a dog) of a very small breed: a toy poodle
Phrasal Verbs: toy with sth
1 to consider an idea or a plan, but not very seriously and not for a long time: I did briefly toy with the idea of living in France.
2 to play with sth and move it around carelessly or without thinking: He kept toying nervously with his pen. + She hardly ate a thing, just toyed with a piece of cheese on her plate. + (figurative) He accused the young man of toying with his daughter's affections.
Collocation Dictionary


cuddly, fluffy, soft | battery-operated, clockwork, electronic, mechanical, remote-control, wind-up | construction/constructional, educational, learning, scientific | squeaky | child's, children's | executive
Desktop publishing is probably the best executive toy ever invented.
| sex


play with | snatch
Freddie kept snatching toys from the other children.
| pick up, put away, tidy up/away


department, library, shop, store
All kinds of toys can be borrowed from the toy library.
| company, maker, manufacturer | box, cupboard

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