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total /'toutl/
  • tính từ
    • tổng cộng, toàn bộ
      • total war: chiến tranh tổng lực
    • hoàn toàn
      • total failure: sự thất bại hoàn toàn
  • danh từ
    • tổng số, toàn bộ
      • to reach a total of...: đạt đến tổng số...
  • ngoại động từ
    • cộng, cộng lại
      • to total the expenses: cộng các món chi tiêu
    • lên tới, tổng số lên tới
      • the costs totalled 550d: chi phí lên tới 550 đồng
      • the visitors to the exhibition totalled 15,000: số người xem triển lãm lên tới 15 000
    • to total up to
      • lên tới, tổng số lên tới
Concise Dictionary
+the whole amount
+a quantity obtained by the addition of a group of numbers
+add up in number or quantity
+determine the sum of
+damage beyond the point of repair
+constituting the full quantity or extent; complete
+including everything
+without conditions or limitations
+complete in extent or degree and in every particular

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 sum (total), totality, aggregate, whole, amount, total number:
The total of wounded came to only fifteen.
2 whole, entire, complete, full, gross, overall, comprehensive:
Total rainfall in that area is only three inches per annum.
3 complete, unalloyed, unmitigated, unqualified, unconditional, utter, out-and-out, thorough, thoroughgoing, perfect, outright, downright, all-out, absolute:
My son is a total failure in everything he attempts.
4 add (up), tot up, sum up, reckon, compute:
Please total my bill.
5 amount to, add up to, come to, mount up to:
The bill totals twice the amount I paid yesterday.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, noun, verb
+ adjective [usually before noun]
1 being the amount or number after everyone or everything is counted or added together: the total profit + This brought the total number of accidents so far this year to 113. + The club has a total membership of about 300.
2 complete; including everything: The room was in total darkness. + They demanded a total ban on handguns. + The evening was a total disaster! + I can't believe you'd tell a total stranger about it! + These comments indicate a total lack of understanding.
+ noun
the amount you get when you add several numbers or amounts together; the final number of people or things when they have all been counted: You got 47 points on the written examination and 18 on the oral, making a total of 65. + His businesses are worth a combined total of $3 billion. + Out of a total of 15 games, they only won 2. + The repairs came to over £400 in total (= including everything).
+ verb (-ll-, AmE also -l-)
1 [V-N] to reach a particular total: Imports totalled $1.5 billion last year.
2 [VN] ~ sth/sb (up) to add up the numbers of sth/sb and get a total: Each student's points were totalled and entered in a list.
3 [VN] (informal, especially AmE) to damage a car very badly, so that is not worth repairing it
See also - WRITE STH OFF
Collocation Dictionary


annual, monthly | combined, cumulative, grand, overall, sum
His two goals give him a grand total of 32 for the season. The sum total of my knowledge of biology is not impressive.
| final | high, huge, large, record
a record total of victories
| low, small | global, national, world/worldwide | jobless, unemployment
Britain's jobless total rose by 20,000 last month.


add up to, give, make (up)
Their earnings were £250, £300 and £420, giving a total of £970.
| bring, take
A donation of £250 has been received, bringing the total to £3,750.
| achieve
The Greens achieved a total of 18 seats.


rise | fall


in ~
In total, they spent 420 hours on the project.
| out of a ~ of
180 vehicles out of a total of 900 examined were not roadworthy.
| ~ of

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