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too /tu:/
  • phó từ
    • quá
      • too much: nhiều quá
    • (thông tục) rất
      • too bad: rất xấu, rất tồi
    • cũng
      • he was a poet and a musician too: anh ấy là một nhà thơ và cũng là một nhạc sĩ
    • quả như thế
      • they say he is the best student, and he is too: người ta nói anh ấy là người học sinh đại học giỏi nhất, và anh ấy quả như thế
    • ngoài ra, hơn thế
      • done, too, easily: đã làm xong và hơn thế lại làm xong dễ dàng
Concise Dictionary
+to an excessive degree
+in addition

Advanced English Dictionary
+ adverb
1 used before adjectives and adverbs to say that sth is more than is good, necessary, possible, etc: He's far too young to go on his own. + This is too large a helping for me / This helping is too large for me. + Is it too much to ask for a little quiet? + The dress was too tight for me. + It's too late to do anything about it now. + Accidents like this happen all too (= much too) often. + It's too soon to say if he'll survive. + It's only too easy for them to deny responsibility.
2 (usually placed at the end of a clause) also; as well: Can I come too? + When I've finished painting the bathroom, I'm going to do the kitchen too. - ALSO
3 used to comment on sth that makes a situation worse: She broke her leg last week-and on her birthday too!
4 very: I'm not too sure if this is right. + I'm just going out-I won't be too long. + She's none too (= not very) clever.
5 used to emphasize sth, especially your anger, surprise or agreement with sth: 'He did apologize eventually.' 'I should think so too!' + 'She gave me the money.' 'About time too!'
Idioms: be too much (for sb) to need more skill or strength than you have; to be more difficult, annoying, etc. than you can bear

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