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tip /tip/
  • danh từ
    • đầu, mút, đỉnh, chóp
      • the tips of the fingers: đầu ngón tay
    • đầu bịt (của gậy, điếu thuốc lá...)
    • bút để thếp vàng
    • to have it on the tip of one's tongue
      • sắp sửa buột miệng nói điều ấy ra
  • ngoại động từ
    • bịt đầu
      • to tip with silver: bịt bạc
  • danh từ
    • tiền quà, tiền diêm thuốc
    • lời khuyên, lời mách nước (đánh cá ngựa)
    • mẹo, mánh lới, mánh khoé
    • to miss one's tip
      • thất bại, hỏng việc
    • (sân khấu), (từ lóng) diễn tồi, chơi tồi
    • ngoại động từ
      • cho tiền quà, cho tiền diêm thuốc
      • mách nước (đánh cá ngựa)
      • (thông tục) đưa cho, trao
        • tip me a cigarette: vứt cho tôi điếu thuốc lá nào
      • to tip someone the wink
        • (xem) wink
    • danh từ
      • cái đánh nhẹ, cái gảy nhẹ, cái đẩy nhẹ, cái chạm nhẹ, cái vỗ nhẹ
      • ngoại động từ
        • đánh nhẹ, gảy nhẹ, đẩy nhẹ, chạm nhẹ, vỗ nhẹ
          • to tip the ball: gảy nhẹ quả bóng
      • danh từ
        • nơi đổ rác, thùng rác
        • động từ
          • lật nghiêng, làm nghiêng; đổ, rót
            • to tip water into the sink: đổ nước vào chậu
          • to tip out
            • đổ ra
          • to tip over
            • lật ngược
          • to tip up
            • lật úp
        Concise Dictionary
        +the extreme end of something; especially something pointed
        +a relatively small amount of money given for services rendered (as by a waiter)
        +an indication of potential opportunity
        +a V shape
        +the top point of a mountain or hill
        +cause to tilt
        +mark with a tip
        +give a tip or gratuity to in return for a service, beyond the compensation agreed on
        +cause to topple or tumble by pushing
        +to incline or bend from a vertical position
        +walk on one's toes
        +strike lightly
        +give insider information or advise to
        +remove the tip from

        Thesaurus Dictionary
        I n.
        1 end, extremity, peak, apex, summit, vertex, cap, top, pinnacle, tiptop, crown, head, terminal, ferrule or ferule, finial, nib or neb, point:
        The tip of the mountain showed above the clouds. He broke off the tip of the billiard cue.
        2 top, cap, crown, surmount:
        The foil is tipped with a rubber button to prevent injury.
        II v.
        1 Often, tip over. upset, overthrow, knock or cast or throw down, up-end, knock over, overturn, topple (over), capsize:
        His elbow tipped the lamp, which fell with a crash.
        2 slant, lean, incline, slant, tilt, cant:
        The statue is tipped a bit off the vertical.
        3 empty, unload, dump, deposit, Slang Brit ditch:
        They tipped their load of gravel all over my driveway.
        4 (rubbish or US garbage) dump, rubbish or refuse or trash heap, dumping-ground:
        This old chair belongs in the tip.
        III n.
        1 gratuity, baksheesh, pourboire, douceur, lagniappe or lagnappe, present, gift, Colloq little something:
        That waiter didn't deserve a tip.
        2 tip-off, (inside) information, warning, advice, suggestion, clue, hint, pointer, forecast, prediction, Colloq Brit gen:
        Louie had a tip that the police were coming.
        Her tip was 'Flapdoodle' to win the fifth race.
        IV v.
        3 reward:
        Why did you tip the barmaid?
        4 Usually, tip off. advise, warn, caution, alert, forewarn, notify, let (someone) know, Colloq let (someone) in on:
        The thieves were tipped off and never arrived.
        Advanced English Dictionary
        noun, verb
        + noun
        end of sth
        1 the thin pointed end of sth: the tips of your fingers / toes + the tip of your nose + the northern tip of the island
        See also - FINGERTIP
        2 a small part that fits on or over the end of sth: a walking stick with a rubber tip
        See also - FELT-TIP PEN, FILTER TIP
        3 ~ (on / for sth)
        ~ (on / for doing sth) a small piece of advice about sth practical: handy tips for buying a computer + useful tips on how to save money
        4 (informal) a secret or expert piece of advice about what the result of a competition, etc. is likely to be, especially about which horse is likely to win a race: a hot tip for the big race
        extra money
        5 a small amount of extra money that you give to sb, for example sb who serves you in a restaurant: to leave a tip + He gave the waiter a generous tip.
        for rubbish
        6 (BrE) a place where you can take rubbish/garbage and leave it
        untidy place
        7 (BrE, informal, disapproving) an untidy place: Their flat is a tip!
        Idioms: on the tip of your tongue if a word or name is on the tip of your tongue, you are sure that you know it but you cannot remember it
        the tip of the iceberg only a small part of a much larger problem: This figure represents only the tip of the iceberg, since as many as 90% of cases go unreported.
        + verb (-pp-)
        lean / pour / push at an angle
        1 [usually +adv./prep.] to move so that one end or side is higher than the other; to move sth into this position: [V] The boat tipped to one side. + The seat tips forward to allow passengers into the back. + [VN] She tipped her head back and laughed loudly. + His hat was tipped over his forehead. + He tipped the wheelbarrow on its side.
        2 [VN +adv./prep.] to make sth/sb come out of a container or its/their position by holding or lifting it/them at an angle: She tipped the dirty water down the drain. + The bus stopped abruptly, nearly tipping me out of my seat.
        3 [VN +adv./prep.] to touch sth lightly so that it moves in a particular direction: The goalkeeper just managed to tip the ball over the crossbar.
        leave rubbish
        4 (BrE) to leave rubbish/garbage somewhere outdoors in order to get rid of it: [V] 'No tipping.' (= for example, on a notice) [also VN]
        give extra money
        5 to give sb an extra amount of money to thank them for sth they have done for you as part of their job: [V] Americans were always welcome because they tended to tip heavily. + [VN] Did you remember to tip the waiter? + [VNN] She tipped the porter a pound.
        predict success
        6 ~ sb/sth (as / for sth) to say in advance that sb/sth will be successful: [VN] The band is being tipped for the top. + The senator has been tipped by many as a future president. + [VN to inf] The actor is tipped to win an Oscar for his performance.
        cover end
        7 [VN] [usually passive] ~ sth (with sth) to cover the end or edge of sth with a colour, a substance, etc: The wings are tipped with yellow.
        Idioms: it is / was tipping (it) down (BrE, informal) it is/was raining heavily
        tip the balance / scales (also swing the balance) to affect the result of sth in one way rather than another: In an interview, smart presentation can tip the scales in your favour. + New evidence tipped the balance against the prosecution.
        tip your hand (AmE) = show your hand / cards at SHOW v.
        tip the scales at sth to weigh a particular amount: He tipped the scales at just over 80 kilos.
        tip sb the wink
        tip the wink to sb (BrE, informal) to give sb secret information that they can use to gain an advantage for themselves: There's no way he would have bought those shares if someone in the company hadn't tipped him the wink.
        more at HAT n.
        Phrasal Verbs: tip sb<->off (about sth) (informal) to warn sb about sth that is going to happen, especially sth illegal: Three men were arrested after police were tipped off about the raid. + [+ that] They were tipped off that he might be living in Wales.
        related noun TIP-OFF
        tip up / over
        tip sth<->up / over to fall or turn over; to make sth do this: The mug tipped over, spilling hot coffee everywhere. + We'll have to tip the sofa up to get it through the door.
        Collocation Dictionary

        1 pointed end


        northern, etc.
        We took a bus to the northern tip of the island.
        | very
        The cat was black except for a patch of white on the very tip of its tail.


        ~ of
        the tips of your fingers/toes

        2 money


        big, generous, good, large | poor, small

        VERB + TIP

        give sb, leave sb
        He left the waitress a large tip.
        | get
        We get rather poor tips on weeknights.

        3 advice


        good, handy, helpful, useful | hot
        He said he'd been given a hot tip for that afternoon's race.
        | beauty, gardening, money-saving, safety, etc. | racing

        VERB + TIP

        have | give sb, pass on | take, use
        Take a safety tip from me?get that light mended!
        | pick up


        ~ for
        some handy tips for gardeners
        | ~ on
        Do you have any tips on buying a second-hand car?

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