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through /θru:/ (thro) /θru:/ (thro') /θru:/
  • giới từ
    • qua, xuyên qua, suốt
      • to walk through a wood: đi xuyên qua rừng
      • to look through the window: nhìn qua cửa sổ
      • to get through an examination: thi đỗ, qua kỳ thi trót lọt
      • to see through someone: nhìn thấu ý nghĩ của ai, đi guốc vào bụng ai
      • through the night: suốt đêm
    • do, vì, nhờ, bởi, tại
      • through whom did you learn that?: do ai mà anh biết điều đó?
      • through ignorance: do (vì) dốt nát
  • phó từ
    • qua, xuyên qua, suốt, từ đầu đến cuối
      • the crowd was so dense that I could not get through: đám đông dày đặc quá tôi không sao đi qua được
      • to sleep the whole night through: ngủ suốt cả đêm
      • to read a book through: đọc cuốn sách từ dầu đến cuối
      • the train runs through to Hanoi: xe lửa chạy suốt tới Hà nội
    • đến cùng, hết
      • to go through with some work: hoàn thành công việc gì đến cùng
    • hoàn toàn
      • to be wet through: ướt như chuột lột
    • đã nói chuyện được (qua dây nói); (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) đã nói xong (qua dây nói)
    • all through
      • suốt từ đầu đến cuối
    • I knew that all through: tôi biết cái đó từ đầu đến cuối
    • to be through with
      • làm xong, hoàn thành (công việc...)
    • đã đủ, đã chán; đã mệt (về việc gì)
    • to drop through
      • thất bại, không đi đến kết quả nào
  • tính từ
    • suốt, thẳng
      • a through train: xe lửa chạy suốt
      • a through ticket: vé suốt
      • a through passenger: khác đi suốt
Concise Dictionary
+having finished or arrived at completion
+(of a route or journey etc.) continuing without requiring stops or changes
+from beginning to end
+over the whole distance
+to completion
+in diameter
+throughout the entire extent

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 because of, on account of, owing to, as a consequence or result of, by virtue of, via, be means of, by way of, with the aid or help of, under the aegis or auspices of, Sometimes non-standard due to:
It was through his good graces that I got the appointment.
2 during, throughout, in the course or middle of:
The dog barked all through the night.
3 inclusive of, including:
When I say 'the third through the sixth' I mean 'including the sixth'.
4 to; into:
I went through a lot of trouble to find this book.
5 Often, through with. done (with), finished (with); at the end of one's tether (with), washing (one's) hands (of):
Let me know when you are through. How many times has she sworn she was through with him forever?
6 by, past:
I am just passing through.
7 entirely, through and through, completely, thoroughly, totally, wholly, utterly, fully, to the core, from head to foot or toe, from top to bottom, from stem to stern, from one end to the other, in every way, in all respects:
By the time I got home, I was soaked through.
Advanced English Dictionary
preposition, adverb, adjective
+ preposition
Help Note: For the special uses of through in phrasal verbs, look at the entries for the verbs. For example get through sth is in the phrasal verb section at get.
1 from one end or side of sth/sb to the other: The burglar got in through the window. + The bullet went straight through him. + Her knees had gone through (= made holes in) her jeans. + The sand ran through (= between) my fingers. + The path led through the trees to the river. + The doctor pushed his way through the crowd. + The Charles River flows through Boston.
2 see, hear, etc. ~ sth to see, hear, etc. sth from the other side of an object or a substance: I couldn't hear their conversation through the wall. + He could just make out three people through the mist.
3 from the beginning to the end of an activity, a situation or a period of time: The children are too young to sit through a concert. + He will not live through the night. + I'm halfway through (= reading) her second novel.
4 past a barrier, stage or test: Go through this gate, and you'll see the house on your left. + He drove through a red light (= passed it when he should have stopped). + First I have to get through the exams. + The bill had a difficult passage through Parliament. + I'd never have got through it all (= a difficult situation) without you.
5 (also informal thru) (both AmE) until, and including: We'll be in New York Tuesday through Friday. - INCLUSIVE
6 by means of; because of: You can only achieve success through hard work. + It was through him (= as a result of his help) that I got the job. + The accident happened through no fault of mine.
+ adverb
Help Note: For the special uses of through in phrasal verbs, look at the entries for the verbs. For example carry sth through is in the phrasal verb section at carry.
1 from one end or side of sth to the other: Put the coffee in the filter and let the water run through. + The tyre's flat-the nail has gone right through. + The onlookers stood aside to let the paramedics through. + The flood was too deep to drive through.
2 from the beginning to the end of a thing or period of time: Don't tell me how it ends-I haven't read it all the way through yet. + I expect I'll struggle through until pay day.
3 past a barrier, stage or test: The lights were red but he drove straight through. + Our team is through to (= has reached) the semi-finals.
4 travelling through a place without stopping or without people having to get off one train and onto another: 'Did you stop in Oxford on the way?' 'No, we drove straight through.' + This train goes straight through to York.
5 connected by telephone: Ask to be put through to me personally. + I tried to call you but I couldn't get through.
6 used after an adjective to mean 'completely': We got wet through.
Idioms: through and through completely; in every way: He's British through and through.
+ adjective
1 [only before noun] through traffic travels from one side of a place to the other without stopping
2 [only before noun] a through train takes you to the final place you want to get to and you do not have to get off and get on another train
3 [only before noun] a through road or route is open at both ends and allows traffic to travel from one end to the other: The village lies on a busy through road. + No through road (= the road is closed at one end).
4 [not before noun] ~ (with sth/sb) (especially AmE) used to show that you have finished using sth or have ended a relationship with sb: Are you through with that newspaper? + Todd and I are through.

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