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thrive /θraiv/
  • nội động từ throve, thrived; thriven, thrived
    • thịnh vượng, phát đạt
      • an enterprise can't thrive without good management: quản lý không tốt thì xí nghiệp không thể phát đạt được
    • lớn nhanh, mau lớn, phát triển mạnh
      • children thrive on fresh air and good food: trẻ em chóng lớn nhờ không khí mát mẻ và ăn uống tốt
Concise Dictionary
+grow stronger
+gain in wealth

Thesaurus Dictionary
succeed, prosper, boom, advance, flourish, grow, bloom, burgeon, develop, wax, increase, fructify, ripen:
They thrived in the invigorating mountain air.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
[V] to become, and continue to be, successful, strong, healthy, etc: New businesses thrive in this area. + These animals rarely thrive in captivity.
thriving adjective: a thriving industry / city / garden
Phrasal Verbs: thrive on sth to enjoy sth or be successful at sth, especially sth that other people would not like: He thrives on hard work.
Collocation Dictionary


positively | still
The glass industry still thrives there.


seem to | continue to
These traditions continued to thrive.
| fail to


Some people seem to thrive on stress.


failure to thrive
(medical) concerned about their baby daughter's failure to thrive

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