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thoroughly /'θʌrəli/
  • phó từ
    • hoàn toàn, hoàn hảo
    • hết mực, hết sức, rất
Concise Dictionary
'θɜrəʊlɪ /'θʌrə-
+in a complete and thorough manner (`good' is sometimes used informally for `thoroughly')
+in an exhaustive manner

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 completely, downright, perfectly, totally, unqualifiedly, utterly, absolutely, entirely, extremely, unreservedly, wholly, fully, positively, definitely, quite:
He is thoroughly stupid, as we all know.
2 carefully, painstakingly, exhaustively, extensively, assiduously, sedulously, methodically, conscientiously, scrupulously, meticulously, intensively, comprehensively, completely, throughout, from top to bottom, from stem to stern, backwards and forwards, in every nook and cranny:
Police searched thoroughly again, but could still find no murder weapon.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adverb
1 very much; completely: We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. + I'm thoroughly confused. + a thoroughly professional performance + I can thoroughly recommend it.
2 completely and with great attention to detail: Wash the fruit thoroughly before use. + The work had not been done very thoroughly.

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