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thirsty /'θə:sti/
  • tính từ
    • khát; làm cho khát
      • to be thirsty: khát
      • football is a thirsty game: bóng đá là một môn làm cho người ta khát nước
    • khát, khao khát
      • the fields are thirsty for rain: ruộng đang khát mưa
      • thirsty for blood: khát máu
Concise Dictionary
+needing moisture
+feeling a need or desire to drink
+(usually followed by `for') extremely desirous
+able to take in large quantities of moisture

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 parched, dry, dehydrated; arid:
I need another drink - I'm really thirsty. The thirsty land welcomes the rain.
2 desirous, hungry, avid, eager, ravenous, voracious, burning, greedy, avaricious, hankering, yearning, craving, Colloq itching:
The students are thirsty for knowledge and very hard-working.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective (thirstier, thirstiest)
1 needing or wanting to drink: We were hungry and thirsty. + Digging is thirsty work (= makes you thirsty).
2 ~ for sth having a strong desire for sth: He is thirsty for power.
3 (of plants, fields, etc.) dry; in need of water
thirstily adverb: Paul drank thirstily.

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