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there /ðeə/
  • phó từ
    • ở đó, tại đó, chỗ đó, chỗ ấy, đấy
      • here and there: đó đây
      • there and then: tại chỗ ấy là lúc ấy
    • ((thường) + to be) (dùng để nhấn mạnh, không dịch)
      • there was nothing here: ở đây không có gì cả
      • where there is oppression, there is struggle: ở đâu có áp bức, ở đó có đấu tranh
      • you have only to turn the switch and there you are: anh chỉ việc xoay cái nút thì sẽ được
  • thán từ
    • đó, đấy
      • there! I have told you: đó! tôi đã bảo với anh rồi
      • there! take this chair: đấy, lấy cái ghế này đi
  • danh từ
    • chỗ đó, nơi đó, chỗ đấy
      • he lives somewhere near there: nó ở quanh quẩn gần nơi đó
      • tide comes up to there: nước thuỷ triều lên tới chỗ đó
Concise Dictionary
ðer /ðə
+a location other than here; that place
+in or at that place
+in that matter
+to or toward that place; away from the speaker

Advanced English Dictionary
adverb, exclamation
+ adverb
1 (there is, are, was, were, etc.) used to show that sth exists or happens: There's a restaurant around the corner. + There are two people waiting outside. + Has there been an accident? + I don't want there to be any misunderstanding. + There seemed to be no doubt about it. + There comes a point where you give up. + There remains the problem of finance. + Suddenly there was a loud bang. + (informal) There's only four days left. + (literary) There once was a poor farmer who had four sons.
2 in, at or to that place or position: We went on to Paris and stayed there eleven days. + I hope we get there in time. + It's there, right in front of you! + There it is-just behind the chair. + 'Have you seen my pen?' 'Yes, it's over there.' + There are a lot of people back there (= behind) waiting to get in. + I'm not going in there-it's freezing! + We're almost there (= we have almost arrived). + Can I get there and back in a day? + I left in 1990 and I haven't been back there since. + Hello, is Bob there please? (= used when calling sb on the phone) + I took one look at the car and offered to buy it there and then / then and there (= immediately).
3 existing or available: I went to see if my old school was still there. + The money's there if you need it.
4 at that point (in a story, an argument, etc.): 'I feel ...' There she stopped. + I don't agree with you there.
5 (especially spoken) used to attract sb's attention: Hello, there! + You there! Come back! + There you are! I've been looking for you everywhere.
6 (especially spoken) used to attract sb's attention to a particular person, thing or fact: There's the statue I was telling you about. + That woman there is the boss's wife. + There goes the last bus (= we've just missed it). + There goes the phone (= it's ringing). + (humorous) There goes my career! (= my career is ruined) + So, there you have it:
that's how it all started.

7 ~ to do sth used to show the role of a person or thing in a situation: The fact is, they're there to make money.
Idioms: been there, done that (informal) used to show that you think a place or an activity is not very interesting or impressive because you have already experienced it: Not Spain again! Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.
be there for sb to be available if sb wants to talk to you or if they need help: You know I'll always be there for you.
have been there before (informal) to know all about a situation because you have experienced it
not all there (spoken) not very intelligent, especially because of mental illness
there it is (spoken) that is the situation: It's crazy, I know, but there it is.
there's a good boy, girl, dog, etc. (spoken) used to praise or encourage small children or animals: Finish your lunch, there's a good boy.
there's sth for you (spoken) used to say that sth is a very good example of sth: She visited him every day he was in the hospital. There's devotion for you. + (ironic) He didn't even say thank you. There's gratitude for you!
there you are (also there you go) (spoken)
1 used when giving sb a thing they want or have asked for: There you are-that'll be £3.80, please. + OK, there you go.
2 used when explaining or showing sth to sb: You switch on, push in the disk and there you are! + There you are! I told you it was easy!
3 used when you are talking about sth that happens in a typical way or about a situation that cannot be changed: There you go-that's what they're like. + I know it's not ideal but there you go ...
there you go again used to criticize sb when they behave in a way that is typical of them: There you go again-jumping to conclusions.
more at HERE adv.
exclamation used to express satisfaction that you were right about sth; used to show that sth annoys you: There now! What did I tell you? (= you can see that I was right.) + There! That didn't hurt too much, did it? + There! You've gone and woken the baby!
Idioms: so there! used to show that you are determined not to change your attitude or opinion: Well, you can't have it, so there!
there, there! used to persuade a small child to stop crying or being upset: There, there! Never mind, you'll soon feel better.

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