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theatrical /θi'ætrikəl/
  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) sự diễn kịch, (thuộc ngành) sân khẩu
    • có tính chất tuồng, có vẻ sân khấu, có vẻ đóng kịch, không tự nhiên, màu mè, điệu bộ
Concise Dictionary
+a performance of play
+of or relating to the theater
+suited to or characteristic of the stage or theater

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 theatric, dramatic, stage, histrionic, Thespian; repertory:
He joined a theatrical company and his family disowned him.
2 stagy, overdone, camp, campy, melodramatic, overwrought, exaggerated, forced, overacted, overacting, sensational, sensationalistic, fake, false, mannered, affected, unnatural, artificial, showy, ostentatious, spectacular, extravagant, Colloq phoney or US also phony, ham or hammy, grandstand:
Does Fergus's theatrical behaviour ever embarrass you?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 [only before noun] connected with the theatre: a theatrical agent / career
2 (often disapproving) (of behaviour) exaggerated in order to attract attention or create a particular effect: a theatrical gesture / sigh
theatrically adverb: Theatrically speaking, he was a genius. + 'What now?' she sighed theatrically.

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