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tendency /'tendənsi/
  • danh từ
    • xu hướng, khuynh hướng
      • the tendency to socialism: xu hướng về chủ nghĩa xã hội
      • a growing tendency: một khuynh hướng ngày càng rõ
Concise Dictionary
+an attitude of mind especially one that favors one alternative over others
+an inclination to do something
+a characteristic likelihood of or natural disposition toward a certain condition or character or effect
+a general direction in which something tends to move

Thesaurus Dictionary
inclination, bent, leaning, disposition, propensity, predisposition, proclivity, predilection, susceptibility, proneness, readiness, partiality, affinity, bias, drift, direction, trend, movement:
Brian has always had a tendency to being overweight. The particles exhibit a tendency to align themselves north and south.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural tendencies)
1 [C] ~ (for sb/sth) (to do sth)
~ (to / towards sth) if sb/sth has a particular tendency, they are likely to behave or act in a particular way: to display artistic / musical / criminal tendencies + I have a tendency to talk too much when I'm nervous. + There is a tendency for this disease to run in families. + She has a strong natural tendency towards caution. + This material has a tendency to shrink when washed.
2 [C] ~ (for sb/sth) (to do sth)
~ (to / towards sth) a new custom that is starting to develop
Synonym: TREND
There is a growing tendency among employers to hire casual staff.
3 [C+sing./pl. v.] (BrE) a group within a larger political group, whose views are more extreme than those of the rest of the group: the militant tendency
Collocation Dictionary


clear, great, marked, strong | slight | greater, growing, increasing
There's a growing tendency for women to marry later.
| broad, common, general | in-built, inherent, innate, natural, underlying | alarming, dangerous, unfortunate, worrying
The later model has an unfortunate tendency to collapse after a few weeks' use.
| contradictory | centrifugal
The civil war reinforced the centrifugal tendencies at work within the economy.
| aggressive, homicidal, suicidal, violent | artistic, criminal, etc.
He displayed artistic tendencies at an early age.
| homosexual, lesbian


have | display, reveal, show | reinforce | curb, reduce


~ among
a worrying tendency among the abused to become abusers
| ~ for
There is a tendency for farm sizes to increase.
| ~ on the part of
The tendency on the part of the children is to blame their parents for everything.
| ~ towards
Industry showed a tendency towards increasingly centralized administration.

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