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telephone /'telifoun/
  • danh từ
    • dây nói, điện thoại
      • to be on the telephone: đang liên lạc bằng điện thoại
  • động từ
    • gọi điện, nói chuyện bằng điện thoại
Concise Dictionary
+electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds
+transmitting speech at a distance
+get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 handset, phone, Colloq blower, Chiefly US horn:
Mr Fraser, the Managing Director is on the telephone for you.
2 phone, ring (up), call (up), give (someone) a ring or a call, Colloq get (someone) on the blower or Chiefly US the horn, give (someone) a tinkle or a buzz, buzz:
Telephone when you have a chance.
Advanced English Dictionary
(also phone) noun, verb
+ noun
1 [C, U] a system for talking to sb else over long distances, using wires or radio; a machine used for this: The telephone rang and Pat answered it. + You can reserve seats over the telephone. + I need to make a telephone call. + telephone lines / networks / services
2 [C] the part of the telephone that you hold in your hand and speak into

be on the telephone
1 to be using the telephone: He's on the telephone at the moment. + You're wanted (= sb wants to speak to you) on the telephone.
2 (BrE) to have a telephone in your home or place of work: We're not on the telephone at the cottage.
+ verb (formal, especially BrE) to speak to sb by telephone
Synonym: PHONE, CALL [V] Please write or telephone for details. + He telephoned to say he'd be late. + [VN] You can telephone your order 24 hours a day. + I was about to telephone the police. - PHONE
Collocation Dictionary


pay, public | office, private
The office telephones were all out of order.
| cellular, cordless, mobile, portable | radio, satellite


Can I use your telephone?
| be on
Don't pester me now?I'm on the telephone. We're not on the telephone, so you'll have to come round to the house.
| answer, get
pick up
Hang on?I'll just get the telephone.
| hang up, put down
She put down the telephone and burst into tears.
| leave/take off the hook
I've been trying to phone him all day?he must have left his telephone off the hook.
| be wanted on
The waiter came to tell me I was wanted on the telephone.
| call sb to
He was called to the telephone just as he was leaving.
| bug, tap | connect, install | disconnect


ring, shrill
The telephone was ringing furiously. The telephone shrilled into the silence.
| be off the hook


number | book, directory | bill | call, message | conversation, enquiry, interview, query, survey | contact
She is in telephone contact with headquarters.
| helpline, hotline, support
The charity has set up a 24-hour telephone helpline.
| company | banking, marketing, service | charges | cord, headset, receiver | cable, exchange, line, network, switchboard, system, wire | box, kiosk | voice
A good telephone voice can do much to improve the temper of irate callers.


by ~
Can I get in touch by telephone?
| on the ~
She sounded very distant on the telephone.
| over the ~
I don't want to talk about this over the telephone.

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