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teem /ti:m/
  • nội động từ
    • có nhiều, có dồi dào, đầy
      • fish teemed in this river: sông này lắm cá
    • to teem with
      • đầy, có nhiều, có thừa thãi, nhung nhúc
Concise Dictionary
+be teeming, be abuzz
+move in large numbers

Thesaurus Dictionary
Usually teem with. proliferate (with), be prolific (with), abound, be abundant, swarm (with), be alive (with), crawl (with), bristle (with), overflow (with), overrun (with), be full (of), brim (with):
When the panel was removed, the entire foundation was seen to be teeming with termites.
pour, rain, stream (down), Colloq come down (in buckets), bucket down, rain or pour cats and dogs:
It teemed with rain continuously when we were on holiday.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
[V] (usually be teeming) (of rain) to fall heavily: The rain was teeming down. + It was teeming with rain.
Phrasal Verbs: teem with sth (usually be teeming with sth) to be full of people, animals, etc. moving around: The streets were teeming with tourists. + a river teeming with fish

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