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technique /tek'ni:k/
  • danh từ
    • kỹ xảo
    • phương pháp kỹ thuật, kỹ thuật
      • the technique of weaving: kỹ thuật dệt
Concise Dictionary
+a practical method or art applied to some particular task
+skillfulness in the command of fundamentals deriving from practice and familiarity

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 technic, method, approach, manner, mode, fashion, style, procedure, system, tack, line, modus operandi, standard operating procedure, Colloq MO (= 'modus operandi'), SOP (= 'standard operating procedure'):
After many years, he has developed his own technique for building hot-air balloons.
2 technic, art, craftsmanship, artistry, craft, knack, touch, skill, skilfulness, adroitness, adeptness, dexterousness, facility, competence, faculty, ability, aptitude, performance, proficiency, talent, gift, genius, know-how, knowledge, expertise:
Jason's technique remains unsurpassed.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C] a particular way of doing sth, especially one in which you have to learn special skills: The artist combines different techniques in the same painting. + management / marketing techniques + Teachers learn various techniques for dealing with problem students.
2 [U, sing.] the skill with which sb is able to do sth practical: Her technique has improved a lot over the past season.
Collocation Dictionary


effective, powerful, useful | basic, simple | conventional, established, standard, traditional | advanced, modern, sophisticated | ingenious | alternative, experimental | assessment, communication, dating, evaluation, exam/examination, farming, interview, management, manufacturing, marketing, problem-solving, recording, relaxation, research, sales, teaching, training
She needs to work on her interview technique if she's going to get a job.
| analytical, mathematical, medical, photographic, scientific, statistical, surgical


He has an ingenious technique for dealing with problems of that sort.
| adopt, apply, deploy, employ, implement, try, use
On the walls I applied the same technique as I had used for the ceiling.
| develop, devise, pioneer
The technique was pioneered in California.
| acquire, learn, master, practise
struggling to master the new technique
| adapt, improve, perfect, work at/on | demonstrate, describe


allow sth, enable sth
Modern freezing techniques enable the chickens to be stored for weeks.
| work
The new technique works better than the one it has replaced.
| be based on sth, be derived from sth
singing techniques derived from Tibetan music


~ for
techniques for the storage of data
| ~ in
They learn basic techniques in self-defence.

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