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tea /ti:/
  • danh từ
    • cây chè
    • chè, trà; nước chè, nước trà
      • to drink tea: uống trà
      • weak tea: trà loãng
      • strong tea: trà đậm
    • tiệc trà, bữa trà
    • husband's tea
      • (thông tục);(đùa cợt) nước trà nhạt
    • I don't eat tea
      • tôi không hay ăn gì nặng trong khi uống trà
  • nội động từ
    • uống trà
    • ngoại động từ
      • mời uống trà
    Concise Dictionary
    +a beverage made by steeping tea leaves in water
    +a light midafternoon meal of tea and sandwiches or cakes
    +dried leaves of the tea shrub; used to make tea
    +a reception or party at which tea is served
    +a tropical evergreen shrub or small tree extensively cultivated in e.g. China and Japan and India; source of tea leaves

    Advanced English Dictionary
    + noun
    1 [U] the dried leaves, (called tea leaves), of the tea bush
    See also - GREEN TEA
    2 [U] a hot drink made by pouring boiling water onto tea leaves. It may be drunk with milk or lemon and/or sugar added: a cup / mug / pot of tea + China / lemon / iced tea + Would you like tea or coffee? + Do you take sugar in your tea?
    3 [C] a cup of tea: Two teas, please.
    4 [U, C] a hot drink made by pouring boiling water onto the leaves of other plants: chamomile / mint / herb tea
    See also - BEEF TEA
    5 [U, C] the name used by some people in Britain for the cooked meal eaten in the evening, especially when it is eaten early in the evening: You can have your tea as soon as you come home from school.
    Compare: DINNER, SUPPER
    6 [U, C] (BrE) a light meal eaten in the afternoon or early evening, usually with sandwiches and/or biscuits and cakes and with tea to drink: Would you like to come to tea on Sunday?
    See also - CREAM TEA, HIGH TEA
    Idioms: not for all the tea in China not even for a great reward: I wouldn't do your job. Not for all the tea in China!
    more at CUP n.
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 drink


    There's some fresh (= just made)tea in the pot.
    | stewed
    (= very strong),
    strong | weak | cold, hot, lukewarm, scalding | milky | white
    (usually after
    tea) I'll have tea?white, no sugar, please. | black | sugary, sweet | (early) morning | decaffeinated | fragrant | China/Chinese, Indian, etc. | Earl Grey, green | fruit, herb/herbal | camomile, jasmine, lemon, mint, etc. | iced


    cup, flask, mug, pot

    VERB + TEA

    I don't drink tea.
    | have | sip, swallow
    She sipped her hot tea slowly.
    | take a mouthful/sip of | brew, get (sb), make (sb), mash
    I'll make you some tea.
    | bring sb, dispense
    (often humorous),
    ply sb with
    serve (sb), take sb
    I'll bring you a cup of tea in a few minutes. John rushed around dispensing tea and cakes to everyone.
    | pour (sb) (out)
    Pour me out a cup of tea please.
    | stir

    TEA + VERB

    brew, mash
    You haven't let the tea brew long enough.
    | cool

    TEA + NOUN

    urn | cosy | service, set
    a bone china tea service
    | tray, trolley
    A lady comes round the office with a tea trolley in the afternoon.
    | bar, garden, room, shop
    The hospital tea bar is run by volunteers.
    | boy
    (offensive when used of an older man),
    lady | drinker, drinking | break | party | ceremony


    in your ~
    Do you take sugar in your tea?


    tea and coffee, tea and biscuits/cake/cakes/sandwiches/scones, tea and sympathy
    He tried to alleviate their disappointment by inviting them in for tea and sympathy.
    | tea for two
    ‘Tea for two’, said Mary, ‘and a slice of your delicious chocolate cake.’
    | tea or coffee
    Would you like tea or coffee?
    | tea-making facilities
    All rooms have tea-making facilities.

    2 leaves for making tea


    (= tea that is not in bags)



    VERB + TEA


    TEA + VERB


    TEA + NOUN

    leaf | bag | caddy | strainer | estate, plantation | chest
    He stores his books in a tea chest.

    3 meal


    afternoon, cream, high | birthday, funeral

    TEA + NOUN

    I cleared away the tea things.

    More information about MEAL


    eat, have, take
    Have you had breakfast?

    grab, snatch ~
    I'm so busy I have to snatch meals when I can.

    ask sb to ~ have/invite/take sb for/to ~ come/go for/to ~
    He wouldn't have asked her to supper if he didn't like her, she reasoned.

    These verbs are often used with

    around, out, over
    We must have you over for dinner sometime. Let's go out for a meal.

    be out to
    lunchHe's out to lunch with a client.

    stop for ~
    We stopped for tea at the Ritz.

    join sb for, stay for/to ~
    You're sure you wont stay for tea?

    sit down to, start ~ finish ~
    We had just sat down to breakfast when the phone rang.

    skip ~
    I sometimes skip lunch if we're very busy.

    cook (sb), fix (sb), get ready, make (sb), prepare ~
    She hurried downstairs to fix herself some breakfast.

    have ~ ready
    We'll have supper ready for you.

    serve ~
    Lunch is served from noon till 3.

    keep warm, warm up ~
    I'll be home late, so keep my dinner warm.

    provide, provide sb (with) ~
    Dinner is provided in the superb hotel restaurant.

    ~ be available
    A four course dinner is available by prior arrangement.

    ~ be ready
    ‘Breakfast's ready!’ shouted Christine.

    ~ time
    The family was always noisy at meal times.

    at/during/over ~
    Nobody spoke during supper.

    for ~
    What did you have for lunch?

    ~ of
    a breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup

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