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task /tɑ:sk/
  • danh từ
    • nhiệm vụ, nghĩa vụ, phận sự
      • a difficult task: một nhiệm vụ khó khăn
    • bài làm, bài tập
      • give the boys a task to do: hãy ra bài tập cho các học sinh làm
    • công tác, công việc
    • lời quở trách, lời phê bình, lời mắng nhiếc
    • to take to task
      • quở trách, phê bình, mắng nhiếc
    • task force
      • (quân sự) đơn vị tác chiến đặc biệt
  • ngoại động từ
    • giao nhiệm vụ, giao việc
      • to task someone to do something: giao cho ai làm việc gì
    • chồng chất lên, bắt gánh vác, thử thách, làm mệt mỏi, làm căng thẳng
      • mathematics tasks the child's brain: toán học làm cho đầu óc em nhỏ căng thẳng
Concise Dictionary
tasks|tasked|taskingtæsk /tɑːsk
+any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted
+a specific piece of work required to be done as a duty or for a specific fee
+assign a task to
+use to the limit

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 duty, assignment, business, job, charge, stint, mission, work, chore, undertaking:
It will be your task to keep the others working.
2 (major) effort, test (of strength), piece of work, struggle, strain:
Getting him to do anything at all was quite a task.
3 take to task. scold, reprimand, call to account, blame, censure, recriminate, reproach, reprove, rebuke, criticize, lecture, upbraid, chide, reprehend:
I was taken to task for failing to notify the police of the break-in.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
a piece of work that sb has to do, especially a hard or unpleasant one: to perform / carry out / complete / undertake a task + a daunting / an impossible / a formidable / an unenviable task + a thankless task (= an unpleasant one that nobody wants to do and nobody thanks you for doing) + Our first task is to set up a communications system. + Detectives are now faced with the task of identifying the body. + Getting hold of this information was no easy task (= was difficult). + It was my task to wake everyone up in the morning.
Idioms: take sb to task (for / over sth) to criticize sb strongly for sth they have done: The local newspaper has been taking the city council to task over its transport policy.
+ verb [VN] [usually passive] ~ sb (with sth) (formal) to give sb a task to do: NATO troops were tasked with keeping the peace.

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