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syllable /'siləbl/
  • danh từ
    • âm tiết
    • từ, chữ; chi tiết nhỏ
      • not a syllable!: không được hé răng!, không được nói tí gì!
  • ngoại động từ
    • đọc rõ từng âm tiết
    • (thơ ca) đọc (từng chữ, từng tên)
Concise Dictionary
+a unit of spoken language larger than a phoneme
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
any of the units into which a word is divided, containing a vowel sound and usually one or more consonants: a word with two syllables + a two-syllable word + 'Potato' is stressed on the second syllable.
Idioms see WORD n.
Collocation Dictionary


final, first, last, middle, second, third, etc. | accented, stressed, strong, tonic | unstressed, weak


consist of, contain, have
words that have three or more syllables
| pronounce | put the accent/stress on, stress
Put the stress on the second syllable.
| split a word into
She split the word up into syllables so that he could have a go at spelling it.


stress falls/is on a syllable
Normally, the stress falls on the first syllable of a word.
| a word of one, two, etc. syllables
You'll have to spell it out to him, using words of one syllable (= explain it in simple language).

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