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swarm /swɔ:m/
  • danh từ
    • đàn, đám, bầy
    • đàn ong chia tổ
    • nội động từ
      • (+ round, about, over...) di chuyển thành đàn, di chuyển thành bầy
      • tụ lại để chia tổ (ong)
      • họp lại thành đàn
      • (+ with) đầy, nhung nhúc
        • a place swarming with fleas: một nơi nhung nhúc những bọ chét
    • động từ
      • trèo (cây), leo (dây) ((cũng) swarm up)
    Concise Dictionary
    swarms|swarmed|swarmingswɔrm /swɔːm
    +a moving crowd
    +a group of many insects
    +be teeming, be abuzz
    +move in large numbers

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 throng, horde, army, host, multitude, hive, herd, mob, mass, drove, flood, stream, cloud, flock, pack, shoal, bunch:
    Swarms of people showed up for our garden party.
    2 throng, mass, crowd, congregate, flock, gather, flood, stream, flow:
    The fans swarmed round the rock group.
    3 swarm with.
    Often, be swarming with. crawl with, abound in or with, throng with, teem with, burst with, bristle with, be overrun with:
    In two minutes the place was swarming with police.

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