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swap /swɔp/ (swap) /swɔp/
  • danh từ
    • (từ lóng) sự trao đổi, sự đổi chác
    • động từ
      • (từ lóng) đổi, trao đổi, đổi chác
        • to swop something for something: trao đổi vật no lấy vật kia
        • never swop horses while crossing the stream: không nên thay ngựa giữa dòng
    Concise Dictionary
    swapped|swapping|swopped|swopping|swops|swapsswɑp /swɒp
    +an equal exchange
    +exchange or give (something) in exchange for
    +move (a piece of a program) into memory, in computer science

    Advanced English Dictionary
    (also swop) verb, noun
    + verb (-pp-)
    1 ~ (sth) (with sb)
    ~ sth for sth to give sth to sb and receive sth in exchange: [V] I've finished this magazine. Can I swap with you? + [VN] I swapped my red scarf for her blue one. + (especially BrE) Can we swap places? I can't see the screen. + We spent the evening in the pub swapping stories (= telling each other stories) about our travels. + [VNN] I swapped him my CD for his cassette.
    2 [V] ~ (over) to start doing sb else's job, etc. while they do yours: I'll drive there and then we'll swap over on the way back.
    3 [VN] ~ sb/sth (for sb/sth)
    ~ sb/sth (over) (especially BrE) to replace sth with sth else: I think I'll swap this sweater for one in another colour. + I'm going to swap you over. Mike will go first and Jon will go second.
    Idioms see PLACE n.
    + noun
    1 [usually sing.] an act of exchanging one thing or person for another: Let's do a swap. You work Friday night and I'll do Saturday.
    2 a thing or person that has been exchanged for another: Most of my football stickers are swaps.
    Collocation Dictionary


    straight | job | spy


    do, make
    Let's do a straight swap?your guitar for my bike.
    | agree on/to


    The football managers agreed on swap deals involving their star players.


    ~ between
    a spy swap made between East and West Germany
    | ~ with
    I did a swap with my brother.

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