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survive /sə'vaivə/
  • ngoại động từ
    • sống lâu hơn
      • to survive one's contemporaries: sống lâu hơn những người cùng thời
    • sống qua, qua khỏi được
      • to survive all perils: sống qua mọi sự nguy hiểm
  • nội động từ
    • sống sót, còn lại, tồn tại
Concise Dictionary
survives|survived|survivingsər'vaɪv /sə'-
+continue to live; endure or last
+continue in existence after (an adversity, etc.)
+support oneself
+live longer than

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 continue, last, live (on), persist, subsist, pull through, endure:
The village was destroyed, but its people survived.
2 outlast, outlive,:
At the age of 114, MacMurtagh has survived all his children and many of his grandchildren.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 [V] ~ (from sth)
~ (on sth)
~ (as sth) to continue to live or exist: She was the last surviving member of the family. + Of the six people injured in the crash, only two survived. + Some strange customs have survived from earlier times. + I can't survive on £40 a week (= it is not enough for my basic needs). + The children had to survive by begging and stealing. + He survived as party leader until his second election defeat. + They spent two months in the jungle, surviving on small animals and fruit. + (humorous) 'How are you these days?' 'Oh, surviving.'
2 to continue to live or exist in spite of a dangerous event or time: [VN] The company managed to survive the crisis. + Many birds didn't survive the severe winter. + [VN-ADJ] Few buildings survived the war intact.
3 [VN] to live or exist longer than sb/sth
Synonym: OUTLIVE
She survived her husband by ten years.
Collocation Dictionary


(used with another adverb or in the forms
The frescoes have survived remarkably well. Seedlings survive better in stony soil.
| barely, hardly
The islanders could barely survive without an export crop.
| just (about), narrowly
I can just about survive on what I earn. The prime minister narrowly survived a leadership challenge.
| (for) long
Nobody can survive long without water.
| still
Only one copy of the book still survives.
| miraculously
A schoolboy miraculously survived a 25,000-volt electric shock.
| somehow


struggle to
poor people struggling to survive
| be able to, can/could, manage to | expect (sb/sth) to
Doctors did not expect him to survive the night.
| hope to
She cannot hope to survive long in power.
| be likely/unlikely to | be lucky to
Once diagnosed with lung cancer, a patient is lucky to survive for five years.
| enable sb to, help sb (to)


Will she survive as party leader?
| from
Very little has survived from this period of history.
| into
Very few of the children survived into adult life.
| on
They survived on roots and berries.
| through
She survived through two world wars.
| until
The original apple tree survived until 1911.


the only/sole surviving sb/sth
the only surviving member of her family
| survive intact/unscathed
Few buildings survived the war intact.

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