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supremacy /sju'preməsi/
  • danh từ
    • quyền tối cao
    • thế hơn, ưu thế
      • naval supremacy: ưu thế về thuỷ lực
Concise Dictionary
+power to dominate or defeat
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 transcendency, pre-eminence, superiority, ascendancy, excellence, primacy, peerlessness, matchlessness, incomparability, inimitability:
Colonialism depends on military supremacy.
2 sovereignty, dominion, sway, mastery, control, dominance, (supreme or absolute) rule or authority, autarchy, omnipotence, hegemony:
They maintained their supremacy over the Iberian peninsula for centuries.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
[U] ~ (over sb/sth) (written) a position in which you have more power, authority or status than anyone else: the battle for supremacy in the region + the dangerous notion of white supremacy (= that white races are better than others and should control them) + The company has established total supremacy over its rivals.
Collocation Dictionary


total, unchallenged | world | air, military, naval | economic, political | male


enjoy, have
a period when the British enjoyed supremacy in international trade
| lose | battle for, fight for, struggle for | assert, establish | proclaim | acknowledge, uphold
to uphold the supremacy of the country's own laws
| give sb/sth
Coal gave the region industrial supremacy.
| maintain | challenge


~ in
the battle for supremacy in the world economic markets
| ~ over
By the end of the war, the prince had established total supremacy over all his rivals.
| ~ within
factions fighting for supremacy within the Church


a battle/fight/struggle for supremacy, a challenge/threat to sb/sth's supremacy, a symbol of supremacy

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