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superlative /sju:'pə:lətiv/
  • tính từ
    • tột bực
      • superlative wisdom: sự khôn ngoan tột bực
    • (ngôn ngữ học) cao cấp (cấp so sánh)
      • superlative degree: cấp cao nhất
  • danh từ
    • độ tuyệt đối, thể tuyệt đối, mức tuyệt đối
    • (ngôn ngữ học) cấp (so sánh) cao nhất; dạng (so sánh) cao nhất
    • his talk is all superlatives
      • câu chuyện của nó toàn là chuyện phóng đại
Concise Dictionary
superlativessʊ'pɜrlətɪv /suː'pɜːl-
+an exaggerated expression (usually of praise)
+the highest level or degree attainable; the highest stage of development
+the superlative form of an adjective
+highest in quality
Thesaurus Dictionary
unsurpassed, paramount, supreme, consummate, superior, best, choicest, finest, matchless, peerless, unequalled, unrivalled, singular, unique, incomparable, excellent, superb, sterling, dazzling, first-rate, exceptional, extraordinary, marvellous, spectacular, capital, Colloq tiptop, super, smashing, great, ace, terrific, fantastic, Slang crack:
Max turned in a superlative performance in the tournament.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, noun
+ adjective
1 excellent: a superlative achievement / performance
2 (grammar) relating to adjectives or adverbs that express the highest degree of sth, for example best, worst, slowest and most difficult
superlatively adverb
+ noun (grammar) the form of an adjective or adverb that expresses the highest degree of sth: It's hard to find enough superlatives to describe this book.

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