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summary /'sʌməri/
  • tính từ
    • tóm tắt, sơ lược, giản lược
      • a summary account: báo cáo tóm tắt
      • summary method: phương pháp giản lược
    • được miễn những thủ tục không cần thiết, được bớt những chi tiết không cần thiết
    • danh từ
      • bài tóm tắt
    Concise Dictionary
    +a brief statement that presents the main points in a concise form
    +performed speedily and without formality
    +briefly giving the gist of something

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 summarization, recapitulation, encapsulation, compendium, synopsis, digest, abridgement, condensation, shortening, consolidation, epitome, epitomization, review, distillate, conspectus, brief, outline, précis, résumé:
    I want a summary of the meeting on my desk in the morning.
    2 abrupt, peremptory, short, quick, brief, laconic, perfunctory, curt, terse:
    My simple request for some time off was denied with a summary, 'No!'
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, adjective
    + noun (plural summaries) a short statement that gives only the main points of sth, not the details: The following is a summary of our conclusions. + a news summary + a two-page summary of a government report + In summary, this was a disappointing performance.
    + adjective [only before noun]
    1 (formal) giving only the main points of sth, not the details: a summary financial statement + I made a summary report for the records.
    2 (sometimes disapproving) done immediately, without paying attention to the normal process that should be followed: summary justice / execution + a summary judgement
    summarily adverb: to be summarily dismissed / executed
    Collocation Dictionary


    accurate, apt, clear, excellent, fair, good, useful
    Is that a fair summary of the situation?
    | comprehensive, detailed, full | general, overall | brief, concise, quick, short | bald, crude | financial, statistical | news, plot
    Details of new titles, with plot summaries, are included in the catalogue.


    make, prepare, write
    Could you make a short summary of this article for me?
    | give (sb), provide (sb with), supply (sb with)
    He has provided a useful summary of the main categories.


    sheet, table | report, statement


    in ~
    In summary, his views are out of date.
    | in a/the ~
    She decided not to include this incident in her summary of the day's events.


    in summary form
    The information is shown in summary form in the following tables.

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